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Looking for Mentor/Advice on opening New Pet Salon/Boutique

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  • Looking for Mentor/Advice on opening New Pet Salon/Boutique

    Hello everyone,

    My wife and I are in the process of opening a pet salon/boutique here in Louisville KY and are looking for a mentor or someon we could call and talk to and get advice. We have contacted a few pet salons locally but have not hade any luck with finding a mentor, because they view our inpending opening as competition which I understand. If anyone out there is interested in becoming a mentoer or just willing to talk with us and share information we would be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance
    Paul and Rebecca

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    What type of advice are you looking for? Definitely purchase Problems to Profits! I am in AL and have had my salon open 8 mos now.......what do you need help with?


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      HEY! I'm just south of you about 100 kids live in louisville! what questions do you have? you came to the right place for help, fur sure! I have a salon here, just now getting into retail and boutique type all are groomers I assume?


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        Help we are looking for.

        Thanks for the responses,

        WE are basically looking for what we can expect on the financial end of the business as far as getting started, equipment, as well as any ideas about day to day operating expenses and such. Also any advertising ideas, marketing ideas, pricing and such. AS far as being groomers our brother in law is enrolled in NAsh Academy for the next several months and we are also going to hire another to with more experience to work with him. Our shop will not be ready to open until very late in the year, so we have time to get everyhting prepared. Any help is appreciated and if you want to email at our home address it is [email protected]


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          You can email me with specific questions as they come up. I have been very successful with my salon and have done grooming seminars for Barkleigh. Of course the same things won't work for everyone, but I can impart my experience with various aspects. You are on the right track with having a Nash graduate and experienced groomer start and referring to this board for additional info. Let me know if I can be of help.

          [email protected]