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    Okay I am ready to buy clippers can anyone make any recommendations?

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    I would suggest the Andis 2 speed.


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      I used to be set on Osters, but took some advice on here and got a pair of Wahl's (Km2). I really like them - they're so light and quiet compared to the Oster's. I still use & love my Oster's though too, I think they'll last forever! Be prepared, everyone's going to have a different opinion. It's gonna come down to what you want.


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        If you can afford 2 sets, go with the Andis 2 speed, and a smaller trimmer (I've heard the Laube Speed Feed are good)...


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          I have been told and have read on this board that the real fast ones just
          heat up and wear out sooner. I don't know about that, but
          the andis single speed we got for school works fine. I am so used to the shape of it I am afraid to get the Conairs for backup even though they cost a little less. Would love to hear reviews on those.

          The others I have used are the oster a5 type and they get Way hot
          as far as I am concerned.

          I loved the whal stable pros I used to have. If they made something
          similar for dogs I would look into those. Especially if they used the snap on blades. Nice and quite, last forever. I would stick to the Andis or the
          Wahls. I have never needed anything but the single speeds.


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            Andis super 2 speed. Now, they have a new one with only the high speed setting and a LED light. I want those!


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              Andis 2 speed. Or I like any Oster. I like the Oster ones I use on the horses not as quiet as Andis but they have fan built in so they never heat up. They are awesome.


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                I haven't tried-out very mnay clippers, but I highly reccomend the ones I "inherited". Andis AGC Super speed, and UltraEdge 2-speed clippers. Very comfortable clippers, and not horribly pricy. Oster A5 clippers are very sturdy and and long lasting. However, I speak from experience when I say they are rather diffacult to handle, and are heavy compared to other clippers.

                Haven't heard much about Conair clippers, and the only review I read was negative.

                I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I would appreciate comments on the Laube Litening cordless (2 speed). I read that the charging system is out-dated, and that the carrying case is junk, but is the actual clipper worth $400? Any info/comments would be appreciated.
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                  I highly recommend the Andis super 2 speed/Ultraedge and the Laube Speed Feed. I totally agree if you can afford to get 2 go this way. All the stylists in my salon use both. I do have an OLD Andis cordless AG, but I rarely use it. Good Luck!!


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                    Originally posted by Full_Groom View Post
                    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I would appreciate comments on the Laube Litening cordless (2 speed). I read that the charging system is out-dated, and that the carrying case is junk, but is the actual clipper worth $400? Any info/comments would be appreciated.

                    I used to have the cordless and had to have it fixed 3 or 4 times, finally after the last I had them exchange it out for the corded. I love the corded, they are durable, light and cut through anything, they are my main clipper.


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                      im in my 3rd wk of grooming school and loving it! anyways, my equipment was ordered through the school and waiting for me on the first day. It included an Oster A5. It is very heavy for me and big. But maybe since Im new at this, and sore by the way, I just need to get used to it. But I also wonder if there is a clipper out there that would be a better fit for me. Im taking notes on your replies. So from my very limited experience, I don't like the Oster A5.


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                        Andis Super 2 speed here. I have the Laube Litening (corded) and love it, but it's broken down on me a couple of times so it is my backup clipper.

                        I have had the Wahl KM2 but it gave out on me after a month---it just stopped working, not sure why. It might have been an individual clipper problem but I went for the Andis Super 2 speed and never looked back. That one lasted for 3 years with many not just "drops," but where I accidently step on the cord, yanking the clipper out of my hand and slamming it to the ground. UGH...but it took a licking and kept on ticking.

                        ALLISON: I got the Golden A5's at school too---is your grooming school owner a 100 years old? Mine was and I think she was stuck in the 60's because they are no longer the clipper of choice, according to the "votes" on this website (this is not the first time this question has been asked). I highly recommend a 2 speed of some sort, the higher speed is great for difficult coats.

                        Tammy in Utah
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                          I love my Wahl switchblade and haven't been able to go back to the andis shape since.


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                            Andis for me!

                            Andis super 2 speed there durable and reliable!


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                              I started with an Andis single speed

                              but quickly moved to the 2 speed then up to the AGC's which i have a set of both now , I like the way the AGC's fit in my hand. I had a friend with a laube but she said it always got too hot too fast and she didn't like the vibration. I've never had any problems with any of my Andis and now have actually acumulated 5 Andis clippers so I know I'll always have a back up. I bought a Whal Bravura at the groom classis in 2005 and haven't had a single problem with that either since I got it. it's great for sanitary work , and poodle feet and I always use it on my cat shave downs cause it's so quiet.