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  • Schools in Oregon?

    I've been looking into school in Oregon because I would really like to be a dog/cat groomer. I have volunteered with a local groomer and observed grooming etc. It is definitely something I would like to do, whether or not I make it my permanent profession etc I am not positive (I am still debating veterinary school etc). So far I have only found one school, but I have read about people doing apprenticeships? Any other advice etc?

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    Any one? I'd also be more than willing to start out as a bather and get trained from there etc. I just need to find a place willing to work with me.


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      To the best of my knowledge there is only the one school in OR, and there are 2 in WA and actually very few in CA. It is often not convenient to go to a school of choice and some states have no schools.

      Apprenticeship offers may be few and far between. You will certainly want to ensure that the one offering is a great groomer. Many apprentices don't know and have to learn enough about grooming basics to judge if the person providing the teaching is going to teach you to groom well, groom average or just OK.

      Many groomers don't give apprenticeships only to have the person terminate employment when they are confident, and sometimes even open up a competitor business, so some groomers avoid entirely training...but of course, some others will.

      This is a very fragmented industry in organization, things can be quite different from region to region, and overall, there are some very good groomers in the PNW, but not at all like other areas where you might find many great groomers in one area.
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        Any suggestions then? I am not relocating from my area etc any time soon. If I did get an apprenticeship I do plan on working elsewhere, preferably for myself one day. However that wouldn't be for quite a while. So I would just be honest and tell the person up front.

        What about those programs you can do from home? Are they even worth looking into?

        Thanks for your reply!


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          Moonlight, There was a grooming school in Portland-The Tara Lara Academy. It's probably still there. Why don't you get a job as a bather in a nice shop this summer? You will learn a lot, and when you do go to school, you will have a real advantage because you will already know some of the basics. Another thought would be to look for a professional handler and become an assistant. Some of the most talented groomers are those with a dog show background.
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            Thats a good idea. I volunteered and then worked for a while for a couple of show kennels. I learned soooooooo much aand they were so supportive when I went to school and helped with my school assignments to!!!


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              Ok well I am going to start looking for some jobs like that, after I find out if I was accepted or not into grooming school. I hadn't heard much from the lady, a couple of emails saying she was going to call and schedule an interview. I pretty much gave up, since I hadn't heard back. My parents suggested this morning I go in and talk with her. They suspected because of my age, was the reason I wasn't getting called etc. I had planned on it this weekend. While my dad was out he decided to manners into his own hands. He stopped her grooming business by and apparently the lady was worried about my age and school. She also was reluctant of accepting me because I live in the same town as the school (something about competition or conflict). Anyways it looks like I'm going to get an interview. So I'll probably continue volunteering with the other lady (she's a really sweet lady and she seems to know a lot) and after I hear back go from there.


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                Betty's pet Grooming School

                I went to this school and highly recomend it. It is in Cornelius, OR.


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                  Originally posted by Gail View Post
                  I went to this school and highly recomend it. It is in Cornelius, OR.

                  That is actually the school I applied for. I haven't recieved a call about an interview yet, so we'll see what happens.