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How do I get more detail oriented?

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  • How do I get more detail oriented?

    I used to be a chemist, and getting all the little details exactly right didn't work out for me. I am seeing some of the same problems in grooming. I do use a checklist, and I do things always in the same order, and I double check the dogs before I send them out. I am just wondering if there are tips for avoiding mistakes in grooming, for always getting the customer requests right and making sure all the dogs look good.

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    When I first started out being a bather at petsomething, I kept a little memo pad in my pocket. I wrote down what is included in the bath, ears cleaned, nails clipped, 15 min brushing, bath, blow dry, etc.. I would wip that little booger out and would check off each one in my brain to make sure I did what was included. I wrote everything down! prices, what the top dog package was, how long to leave flea shampoo on the dog, etc. I was new and did not know anything about grooming. That little memo pad sure did get wet, but it helped me remember and pretty soon I did not need it anymore.

    When I start a groom, I go for nails first, shave pads and sanitary, scoop eyes, pluck ears, pre trim, bath, anal, bath, dry, brush, finish groom, clean ears, bow/bandana. On occasion I will go out of my routine and I forget to pluck ears or clip nails. I remember later when the dog is in the kennel!

    I liked have a mirror when I worked at petsomething. because I would turn the dog toward the mirror and look at it just like a Hairdresser would do. If you don't have one, stand back a ways and look at the dog. Let him shake his head and see if you missed anything! Let the dog walk around on the floor and check him out. I always ask the owner, Everything look good? If they say yes then I know I did a good job.
    Good luck!


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      When I first opened my salon getting the CLIENTS request right was imperative now I know most of my clients and know what they like.

      Here is what I did, I took Melissa Verplanks book "Notes from the Grooming Table" and photocopied the first page of all of the breeds (breeds I never saw, I didn't copy) and made lots of copies of the more common breeds. I put them in an accordian file in alphabetic order. When a client came in, I pulled out their breeds picture and made marks on it: where they wanted the skirt, the ears, etc. On the back side of this page I had printed my Client Info lines (so I could fill it in), I used this instead of client cards. This proved to be GREAT, if a client said "I wanted it shorter", I could show them where the error was in their communication and make notes for next time.


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        ooo good idear grace!