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    Hello Everyone, Newbie here. I'm just learning and switching careers right now. My heart has always been in grooming, so I decided to finally get the rest of my organs here too, Ha Ha.

    Anyway, I was wondering if groomers in general seem to get a large percentage of their business from certain breeds or types of dogs, say maybe shih tzu's or shih tzu mixes perhaps? Or do you find that your business is just a mix of dog types?

    I'm sure that this will likely vary due to area or the groomers clientelle preferences. I was thinking this info could help me to know what dogs to most likely expect once I become a groomer. I thought that maybe I could focus my training efforts slightly more towards the most likely type of clients that would seek out grooming services when I am new, to help assure my success.

    I'm guessing that when I'm ready to start, my average client will be some type of very matted little critter who you experienced guys "couldn't fit into your schedules" Ha Ha.

    Thanks for your information. I am really learning a lot here!

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    I seem to have a lot of shih tzu's, matlese or maltipoos, cocker spaniels and springers, and cockapoos. Then I also get my fair share of bath dogs.


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      I'm in a rural area & was expecting tons of farm dogs. However, we're the only professional, grooming "salon" within driving distance, so we are literally over-run with shih tzu's and yorkies. Some of them come from 30 miles away because the only other option is the "shave down artists" who call themselves groomers - it's obsurd.

      Anyway, I'd have to say Yorkies, Shih tzu's, Labs, Poodles, Goldens - in that order.


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        I was just looking at my computer doing end of the year stuff and I pulled up breed count.
        #1 was ShihTzus, #2 was Goldens, #3 was "cockapoos", #4 was Poodle and #5 was Labs. I was actually surprised that I have more Goldens than I do Poodles, but maybe it just seems like I have more Poodles because they come in more often.


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          The majority of my clients are shih tzu and shih tzu crosses. Sadly, being a fairly "new" groomer myself, I get alot of clients whom aren't on a schedule, so yeah, lots of matts.



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            I have more cockapoos, then shih-tzu's then Lhasa's then the big guys goldens sheps and tons of mixes.
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              At my last shop we did alot of shihs and yorkies, labs and mixes were common too. Our cat groomer did LOTS of cats so the number of them was very high on the list of animals we did.

              I think it really depends on the areas, since my first shop I worked at we saw alot of schn.


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                A lot of it does depend on your area, and also your skill level. If you get a rep for doing excellent terriers, for example, you'll have them beating your door down.

                In my area, we see a wide mix of dogs, but I do get a lot of Shih Tzus, Yorkies, Malti's, and poodles of all sizes. And every imaginable mix there-of. Unfortunately I live in an area that has a lot of puppy mills, so we get many, many designer mixes.

                One interesting thing about the poodles. When I lived in a much larger city, I never had standard poodles. And I mean never. I never even saw them being walked down the street.

                Down here in redneck central, I do tons of them. And see even more, out on their daily rounds. And I hate to sound like I'm blowing my own horn, but I don't see very many (other than the ones I do) that have a decent clip, or anything remotely resembling a proper top knot. I think the majority of groomers in the area picked up a book and a pair of clippers and decided to call themselves groomers.

                Maybe that's why I'm getting so many poodles and terriers.


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                  We get a good mix of everything, but we do see a lot of poodles, shihtzus, bichons, and cockers.
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                    Like Helly said, I think it depends on your area.

                    Where I work now I seem to get a lot of shih tzus, cockers, schnauzers, and a lot of bath dogs since I'm at a boarding kennel.

                    Where I used to work there were more poodles, bichons, designer breeds, as well as shih tzus, cockers, and schnauzers.


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                      shihtzu's/lhasas, poodles (all sizes), miniature schnauzers, PWDs, maltese, bichons, goldens, wheatens, labs, that order.


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                        Shih Tzus and Shih Tzu mixes, Bichon mixes (lots of bybs pumping them out), Goldens, Poms, Bichons, Shelties, Poodle mixes, Poodles, Cockers and Am.Eskimos. I have more of the 1st 3 dogs as my clientbase than all other breeds and mixes combined. I'd love to have a little more variety for breeds to work on, but oh well.


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                          Where I am currently, Doxies are VERY popular...

                          When I lived in AZ, it was Shih Tzus, Bichons, Yorkies, Maltese, Toy and Mini Poodles, Labs, Goldens...


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                            Shih Tzus, Yorkies, Schnauzers and poodles. I am always so excited when I get something new
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                              Cockers, Goldens, Yorkies, Shih tzus, designer breeds.