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    hey everyone - i have an interview with the grooming school this thurs. can you guys give me some advice on what questions to ask and what i need to know. as of right now i dont know what to say. i am really bad with interviews hopefully this one wont be as bad since its something im interested and confortable with. wish me luck


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    career start

    to the left of this page is a column with 'career start' as a link.
    hit that and then on the left again is a link about 'schools,'
    then again to 'questions for schools.'
    This is a great list, but something else to try, is, to call local businesses.
    Chances are they either graduated from that school, or have hired people that have. HOw did they measure up.

    Also, call ex grads, the school should have no qualms about giveing you
    some references. People love to talk, and they WILL tell you the good and the bad. Make sure you call more than one or two, so you get a good
    picture of students experiences.


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      Ask to speak with current and past students.