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Question About "Grooming Kits"

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  • Question About "Grooming Kits"

    As I've stated earlier, I am about to begin grooming school.
    I will recieve my "kit" on the day I start.
    I wonder, the kits that you have in school, generally are they "strong" enough to carry you through the first few months of employment until you can afford to "upgrade"?
    I am not yet certain of the type/brand of clippers etc I will receive, but just wanted an opinion on what a great reliable, but yet fairley "moderately priced" set of clippers might be recommended for a first purchased pair.

    Sorry if this has been adressed, I didn't see anything already about this.

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    if your going to the petsomething i went to, we recieved a grooming bag on rollers with the petsomething logo on it, clippers were the black 2 speed andis, or oster if you chose oster, now the girls are getting the andis ultraedge clippers. 40,10, pair of 7s, 5, 4 blades, poodle comb, greyhound comb, ryans supply soft slicker, uni slicker, ryans supply 8 1/2 straight and curved shear, thinning shear, matt spliter and rake, ummm cant remember what else, that was 2 years ago, i know they got rid of the matt rake. have fun at school.


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      I got a kit going into petsomething school and I still have most of my original stuff....except the shears and slicker brush. They sucked. I'm a lefty and all they could get me were the Andre Tiserand ones and I never liked them. I've abuse my Andis 2 speeds for about 2 years now and they're still kicking *knock on wood*. I've added to my blade collection. My slicker brushes kicked the bucket, but I've gone through at least 4 "Universal" brand slickers in less than a year. The handles keep snapping.
      I guess it all depends on what's in your kit.


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        Find out what is in the kit and ask around and shop around. I am sure there will be a few things you may want to replace, then again, you may not know until you actually start grooming with them! I encourage you to at least try other brands, etc, any chance you get to see the differences yourself, and attend tradeshows.


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          Thanks to all for answering!
          I will let you know what my actual clipper kit consists of when I get it.
          I am so thrilled to be starting something I have wanted to do for so long now.
          The advice offered in this forum is without a doubt, a priceless learning tool.
          I appreciate all of the imput from so many in the profession.