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How important is the "squeak"?

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  • How important is the "squeak"?

    I've been trying to decide what shampoo line to invest in. I've received samples from "Bark to Basics", "Eqyss", "Griminator". I called Davis, but they just sent a catalog, but no shampoo samples. Maybe I'll try again with them.

    The Griminator will leave the animal "squeaky" clean with a nice scent.. and I love the Eqyss scent, but there isn't a squeak left no matter how many baths (using the regular premier shampoo). I haven't used the bark to basics too much yet, but generally am not as impressed with the scent or look of them (though I'll be using them for the next several dogs since I'm out of the other stuff).

    At school we used the Coat Handler Clarifying (15 to 1). It would leave a squeak on the dogs, and that's when we knew the dog was clean.

    What is the "squeak" anyway?

    I assume all conditioners will leave the hair without a squeak though right?

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    I thought the "squeek" was your hand sliding across hair that was without residue/grime/dirt. When I do my vinegar rinse after shampooing, it is very noticeable! I don't seem to see it after conditioning, but I do use conditioners that are light and I rinse well after soaking. (I can't comment on my favorite yet, because I am still trying new things myself. I really want to not have to use a million different products!)


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      Thanks Paws for your response. I suppose I can go in search of the actual cause of the squeak! hehe.. I'll let y'all know what I find out.


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        well the squeak is basically when your running your hand down the dog (basically sqeegeeing the dog of the excess water) and you hear a squeaking sound. like if your washing your hair in the bathtub and you need to check to make sure you got all the shampoo out of your hair. you take your hair in your fingers and you slide it down while pressing and you will hear a squeaking sound. this should let you know that the dog is clean. as for shampoo's that dont leave a squeaking sound...i'd just rinse rinse rinse and then run your hand over the dog and looka t your hand to make sure theres no soap residue left.


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          I know what the squeak is.. but was wondering exactly what it meant! hehe..

          I guess I'm talking on the cellular level.. what exactly is causing the squeaking sound, and whether it's actually a good thing

          Dishes will squeak as well, so it's something to do with how the hand rubs against something that is smooth...

          You can tell I've only been grooming 2-3 animals a day, I have too much time on my hands!