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    I groomed an older pomeranian yesterday (into a little fox-cut). I bathed him first (as per Helly's argument against pre-clipping), then dried, and then used a 3 3/4 blade on the body. Quickly realized that I was in too much of a hurry drying.. so cut off what I could, redried, then finished the clipping.

    However when I got down to the skin, it was really flaky (but not red or irriated). The coat didn't feel as clean as I thought it should be (I washed him twice with griminator.. until he was really squeaking too..).

    The entire dog took me 2 hours to complete.. most of the time was taken up by having to clipper over the body about 4 times trying to get all the hair off (only 1 of those times was really semi-wasted due to the incomplete drying).

    Any tips?
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