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Bye Bye Corporate World!!

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  • Bye Bye Corporate World!!

    Last year I was on maternity leave and did my grooming course. I was then hired by the school the day after my course finished and I was working there part time up until December. Unfortunately I had to return to the corporate world due to finances as my husband was just setting up his business as a mortgage broker. I did set up a part-time home based grooming business to keep my skills up etc..

    BUT... hubby is more settled now and I got offered grooming out of my Vet's clinic plus his new clinic where he's planning on offering a full salon. My home business has also been growing nicely as well ;-)

    So.. I quit!.. Yippee!!.. I have not been happy at my corp job I feel like this big weight has been lifted off me.

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      Wooo Hoooo -

      I know exactly how you feel. I am within 2 weeks of getting out of my corporate world and into 6 weeks of school. It is an awsome feeling I know!!!

      Congrats and good luck to you


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        SneakyPaws..Just Wondering....

        Who's gonna watch your babies? Just wondering, cause I have 2 grandmas that are great and take turns watching kids. Anyway, CONGRATS!! I'm finishing up school, (two weeks!) and will work in asalon until my mobile is done woooo hooooo to you! I know how ya feel.


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          YAY!!! Sneaky Paws...

          I am with you....
          Saying goodbye to sales..(a job I was talked into, and knew wasn't for me)
          and in 2 weeks, will be starting school.
          I know the $$$$$$$ may not be as good to start...but that more than makes up for me NOT having to compromise my happiness.
          Liberating feeling, isn't it.?

          Best of luck to you and please let us know how it turns out for you.
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            It is sooooooo much more fun to go to work and really enjoy what you are doing.
            My hubby just started a new job and talk about a happy man, well he is. He hated the job he was at.
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."