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Another "first" for me, but not the good kind

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  • Another "first" for me, but not the good kind

    My first NO SHOW.


    Lady called and said she had a bad experience at a corporate place.
    She teaches and its so hard to get out but on weekends.
    I said (since I was not busy anyhow and wanting new clients) I had
    no problem grooming on the weekend.
    We settled for Sun at 1:00 she SEEMED so happy to get in on a Sunday.
    I waited thirty minutes and left my garage. She never did show up.
    Well, I guess I am official now.

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    Congrats, you have been initiated, lol.

    Seriously, though. That's a real bummer. And on a Sunday of all things. If she does call you back think long, and hard about booking her, and make sure that she knows about what an inconvenience she caused you!
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      shame on her

      Bummer and on a Sunday afternoon too. How nice of you to take a groom on Sunday! She didn't know how good you were being to her apparently. I've quite a few no shows - it's aggravating. Some have what they think are seemingly good excuses...Whatever the reason, it doesn't take much to pick the phone up and call to let me know. If you rebook her, I hope she gives you a generous tip for your trouble!


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        Ok hear goes,So sorry you had a no-show,sorry it won't be the last one either.From now one I would like to suggest that you never let customers know that you aren't buisy.I would have said to her that "It will be tight,but I can work you in....."and what ever time on saturday,never on a Sunday.People always want something more; if they think they might not be able to get it and others are.Resist the urge to jump hoops for people,save that for people who deserve the special attention.If you seem desparate it sends the wrong kind of message know matter how truthful and sincere you are.Reverse the rolls,if you called a doctors office or who ever and the person on the other end of the phone responded as you did how would you respond?I know it dosen't excuse her behavior,but she didn't respect you either.Good luck and in time you will develop a back bone and biz will pick up for you.


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          good advise

          I will take your advise.
          Just one question.
          My sister in law, says I should call her back,,be sweet and get her to
          rebook. I do'nt feel like it. I feel disrespected, and I am not much of a
          three strikes and your out person. One is enough for me.
          On the other hand I need every client right now and need dogs out there
          for people to see. So far, the response to my grooms has been a little over the top I think, but amazingly good.
          What would you do? Wait and see if she calls back, or call and tell her,
          oh that allright, blah blah blah.


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            I would not call her,in fact I would make sure I documented it on her client card and highlighted it.To call her is to grovel and it reinforces the message that she can do what ever she wants.She will do it again and again untill you stop putting up w/it.The time is now!


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              No Shows...

              I wouldn't call her. But I would definitely rebook her if she called and apologized. You don't have to say it's all ok, when she calls, but I would be polite and professional. You might want to have a policy of some sort so when this situation arises again you'll be completely prepared. I have only cut one client in the last year for continuous no shows. Some clients need to be trained, it's a pain, but it's possible. Especially since you need the clientele.


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                my sentiments exactly.
                And if she does call back its a dollar an hour more than last time!


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                  And if the woman does call you back, DO NOT book her for a Sunday again.

                  I do some Sundays, I call it my overload day. Actually I had Easter Sunday off but the last Sunday before that was in February, lol. Anyways, I live in the bible belt so I actually get all my customers to come in between 8 to 10 and they must pick up no later than 2. My church people love it and I always joke with them that God loves me because I'm taking care of the babies on my day off. It works out well, and my customers appreciate that I will open on Sundays for them.


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                    I agree don't call! I had 2 last week that when I called and left a message they never called me back. I added them to my LIST! When she does call back (& she will) act like your busy no matter what and push out the appointment and no weekends...... If she does it again MAKE SURE you call her to let her know that you will not be taking appointments any longer from her unless she pays in full (non-refundable) in advance. I think so many people think since it is at your house it is not an inconveinence (spelling) if they don't show, huh????? sorry you had to walk out there didn't you.........


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                      Not a good match.

                      I don't agree with any of the above. Don't call her. Don't book her again. Don't even want a customer like that.
                      I make sure that I tell my new clients that if they have to cancel to give me 24 hours notice. If not there will be a $xx.00 no show fee and they will have to pay in advance for their next appointment.
                      I also tell them that "no one ever pays that fee. I tell them that no show people are "Not a good Match" for me and my personal service business. I then compassionately relate to them how the folks that no show usually have a pattern of doing it to Dr.s, Hairstylists, nail tech, etc. I am sure you have known someone like that but you wouldn't want an ongoing relationship with them." I can usually hear them nodding with me over the phone.
                      I have had three No-Shows in three years.
                      I will not tolerate No-Shows. When you have all your time slots filled a No-Show effects are awful. That person has denied you the opportunity to make your wage, has lost the opportunity for their dog getting groomed and also taken up the slot that another customer would have appreciated. That is what I read to them from my policy statement at our first appointment.


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                        I partially agree with Paws. I wouldn't call her, but if she calls you and is very apologetic, I would probably give her a second chance. However, I would emphasize that I have a $$ cancellation /no-show fee.


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                          Originally posted by Gracy Rose View Post
                          I partially agree with Paws. I wouldn't call her, but if she calls you and is very apologetic, I would probably give her a second chance. However, I would emphasize that I have a $$ cancellation /no-show fee.
                          I agree with Gracy. I wouldn't call her, but if she calls you I'd probably book her again.
                          Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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                            I agree with both Doggone's posts. Don't call her back, don't let her know you're not busy, and don't let her know (even unintentionally) that you are in need of clients. Don't book on Sunday, you need a break.

                            I don't agree that you should "never" book her again---maybe she was in a car wreck, or something really awful happened. I had something like that happen, and boy did I feel stupid when I realized the problem.

                            Do be sure to tell them to give 24 hours notice for any cancellation, and do be professional and polite. If it was not a legitimate excuse, plan on her doing it to you again.

                            Oh, and though many people are of differing opinions on this, perhaps a reminder call the night before is in order. I call and say this:

                            "Hi this is Tammy from _____ Animal Hospital and this is just a reminder call. It looks like we have Fluffy on our schedule to get a haircut tomorrow at 10:00 am." They say, "Yes, that's right and thanks for the reminder." and you say, "you're welcome, we'll see you tomorrow." If I don't get them home I leave a mssg. on their machine AND remind them to give me notice if they need to cancel for any reason.

                            Tammy in Utah
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                              I agree with definately do not call her. do not start grooming on Sundays, just a bad thing to get started. I would rebook her, but her price just went up.