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  • Grooming Business questions.

    How do you make a grooming shop work if youre not a groomer?

    I took over running a grooming shop in Jan for a man who owns the business and he is NOT a groomer, and has little to no time to do any hands on work at the shop nor does he understand the grooming business at all. There was major mistakes made from the start when he opened the shop. He put the shop in the “ghetto” on a street with no other business and there was very little advertisment. Some of the ideas he comes up with makes me shake my head such as blowing dogs off outside to keep hair from “getting every were” When I came in I had little hope I could do anything with the business to turn it around but I was willing to give it my all . The shop was VERY nice on the inside, fully stocked with basically anything you could ever want to groom a pet. And was very well designed and clean. From the outside it looked like an old run down garage. From the begging we worked out a 50% on the grooming/bathing of the dogs . When I realized my responsibility would include running the shop daily by myself including answering phones keeping track of supplies cleaning etc I asked for a small salary to cover the extra work besides my grooming commission. We ended up agreeing on $245 a week. Since that time I’ve busted my butt flagging area dog parks and neighborhoods with flyers business cards, built a website and anything else I could do to advertise the business. Since that time I’ve watched the business do nothing, at the most we have had 5 dogs in one week with several weeks there being no business at all. It was finally clear that my gut feeling was right from the start people were not going to drive out of there way to a bad area of town to get there pet groomed. The few clients we had were poor lower class people who could hardly afford the cost of grooming and were mainly shave downs and we wouldn’t see them again for 6-8 months or longer. I was discounting myself just to get someone in the door and over looking things like proper vet papers to avoid losing a groom. It was at this point I decided I had enough and was going to find another job. I talked with the owner and he decided he wanted to move the shop to a better part of town and start over. This is going to be a big move and add more debt to a dead business . My concern is will it ever work. The owner is now talking about paying me $300 a week to groom and a 50% AFTER the bills are paid of what ever profit is left. I havn’t agreed but that just not something I think I can do. I understand he has bills to pay like everyone else but I can’t be expected to run the shop totally myself and make nothing. He has this long term idea of putting me on as “part owner” as soon as it takes off. I’m now torn between going with it and see what happens or walking away. it be nice to own part in a shop but at the same time i'm making less then a bather. i'd almost be better off grooming for someone else and starting my own shop down the road.

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    I believe you answered your own question !!


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      maybe things will go better at the new location .... but what if when more money is coming in, after you have worked your tail off, he decideds NOT to make you 'part owner' ?

      If it were me i would work at the new location for a few weeks ... see how it goes .... if you see things going foward and doing well .... then go to him & talk about a partnership (and GET IT IN WRITING). but you also risk going to this new location and having things stay the same (or get worse).

      you never know really ... a partnership at a successfull business would be great ... but working at an established successfull grooming shop would be the safe choice.


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        My question is would it ever work and make enough money? I don't know any groomer anywhere that is expected to pay half the shop bills before getting there cut and I don’t know any groomer that that is expected to run the shop totally by themselves without help and not be compensated for it. If the owner is neither a groomer or willing to do the daily shop work then they will have to hire a staff to do it. Can a grooming shop make it with that many employees and still turn a profite? I don’t know if I’m looking at it wrong but if your not a groomer you don’t need to own a grooming business.


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          I think it's time for you to move on.


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            If this is somthing you really want to do, get it in writing before he moves the shop. before you put anymore effort into it. Tell him what you expect to make, what you expect to be doing. He really shouldn't own a grooming business at all if he knows nothing about it! what a dork! lol but anyway, write down what you want, what you are willing to do for it. Don't sell yourself short! write it down, meet with him..offer him a take it or leave it and say what you mean, and mean what you say. If you can't come to an agreement, walk. Find another job and move on. Sounds to me like something has to give here! good luck and keep us posted on the outcome!


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              Out of his 50% he should pay the bills. You are acting as the Manager/ Groomer/ Bather and Receptionist.

              If each of these people only made $6.50 per hour that would cost him $26 per hour. I would approach it in the way. Remember, PAYROLL is as much of a bill as RENT, ELECTRIC, etc.

              I would NOT be co-owner with anyone. If you truly can build this business then I would do it as the Manager / Groomer, etc. if I were being compensated.

              As a Business Owner, I may sacrifice my income for my growing business, I CAN'T or DON'T expect my employees to sacrifice their paychecks. Granted, I do have the groomer who does a clients nails for FREE in hopes they come in more often, or passes out business cards to get more business but they don't eat, sleep and drink my shop.


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                thank at lest i know i wasn't being picky, Yea i don't really know why i'd want to co own a business and do all the work to build it when i could do it own my own just as easy and be doing the same amount of work.