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    I've been pondering for a week or so now, so decided to get ya'lls feedback. Have a new co-worker for a few weeks now. Shes fresh out of school, this is her first job grooming. Shes in her 40s. Well, she did not show much promise out of the gate. She can do about 2 dogs a day, with assistance. I have been searching my brain for advice for her that could really really help her. I've given her tips, but it just doesn't seem to "be there". So on one hand I truely believe this is a job that you either get it or don't, but on the other hand, I really want her to succeed. This week shes said she doesn't think she can do it in the long run, and I'd like to try to show her that it takes determination but she can. So I'm wondering, for all those who went to school ( I did not ), did you ever have these feelings and what'd you do to get over them? I also think that its a lot more physical than she expected. I tried to get her on this site, but shes not much of an online person.

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    I am a beginner, and I just got out of school back the first part of Dec.

    I can do four dogs a day and can't get enough of this board.
    I spend hours getting photos of grooms off the web and catagorizing anything I see here that can help me clarify a style or help my clients get ideas of styles. Yes I am kind of obsessed. Because I want
    to do a great job, not just a good one.
    can't wait till I can afford to go to a grooming seminar and take
    every class I can get my hands on. Love to pour over catalogs, and
    IF a breed is coming in I have not done a lot of, I am on here looking up the breed and reading every post about it.

    If she is not immersing herself in this, I kind of doubt her heart is in it.
    THere is so much to know, and learn. I worked full time anywhere I could
    while I was attending school . Bathing, gopher work, trash, mop,
    floors, you name it. I learned a lot of how I will do things, and how I

    If you feel she is trying, and she is at least on time (big hint for how much she wants to be there) everyday, I would stick with her. Truth is, some of the students in my own class, did not "get it" and I would say half are not employed in this field. I do think its something you need a passion for.


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      I think it will just take her time to get onto things and feel more comfortable, like any new job. She is probably second guessing herself at everything she is doing because you have been grooming longer and have more experience. At most schools you only do a few dogs a day so that is probably what she is used to. When I got out of school I didn't groom full time for 5 months so when I did go full time I only did 3/4 dogs max, then worked my self up from there when I got better & faster.


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        I agree with redbird. This work is much too demanding on several levels for people who don't have a passion for it. If she's not into the computer, she should be demonstrating her desire to learn by studying any grooming books she can get her hands on. Before I found this site, I was buying and studying grooming videos. The videos are expensive but worth it to me. To be unwilling to network with her peers here is a huge unfortunate loss for her.

        Many of us have many 'false' starts in life, careers we think we'll love, but end up hating. Or discovering the field you chose to work in isn't at all what you imagined it would be. There's no shame in trying and the more things you try, the more you learn. I've had many jobs in a variety of fields that weren't 'THE ONE'....until grooming. From the moment I decided to get into it I've loved it. It's not a job that you eventually learn to tolerate, you really need to want it...a lot.

        I am also self taught and I'll admit it took quite awhile, and lots of perserverence, to develop the speed. It was a few years before I could comfortably do 6/7 dogs a day. But I'll also say that I never doubted what I was doing, even on the toughest days I knew I was going in the right direction. I can't imagine how much more difficult it would have been if I wasn't passionate about it. BTW I started at 40.