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  • looking for training

    Hello all. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with an online company called All About Grooming. I am looking for some affordable training I can do at home. They have an 8 hour video training program. Any opinions? Do you think it would be valuable info?



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    Yes...I bought it.

    All About Dog Grooming was the second video correspondence I bought. The first one I had to send back because it was the most horrible thing I had ever seen...poorly taped, unbelievable amount of grammatical/spelling errors. Totally unprofessional.

    All About Dog Grooming was a very nice change. Very well put together, good literature included. Only problem is a secton of the CD was a little outdated. The info. about Oster and Wahl. (They have a section on clipper maintenance and blade care/sizing.) The only other thing I noticed was a mistake on the clipping of tail for schnauzers and westies. Video says to clip down the top of tail when it should be carrot shaped instead. Other than those two things, I was very pleased with it.

    You'll have to invest in a lot of other grooming books for your library like "Notes from the Grooming Table", books on skin care/diseases so you can see full color pictures of what to look for, and books/videos on getting the most from clip on blades. I also really liked "Mutt Styling Guide". We are not always going to get pure breeds in for grooming. Of course, you will need literature on all AKC breeds and what they look like.

    All in all, it's what you make of it. You could barely groom any dogs and get buy and receive a certificate from All About Dog Grooming and go on your way. Or you could really throw yourself into it and learn all you can. The point is to learn the breed grooming styles and be proficient at it. You won't get repeat customers by doing a bad job. Take pride in your work and be the best you can be. Hey...does the army have dogs to be groomed? :-))


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      I have purchased about 6 tutorial

      online "How to groom" items/courses from ebay. If I learn something from them it's worth it. As far as errors, most have them. (We won't mention names here) Don't miss the forrest for the trees.

      Even going this way, you will still need dogs to practice with.

      Prior life as a vet tech- then I started as a bather at one place. Got many videos & did the hands on under a skilled groomer at another.

      Go somewhere & start as a bather. Even part time if you have to.
      There are those who spend lots of money only to discover like many things- It's harder than it looks.

      Feel freee to ask more questions & use the search on this site for instant info on lots & lots of topics.



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        I bought a home learning kit as well a few years ago. It was good for learning what tool did what and the basics but I had no idea how little I knew until I actually had a job inside a shop (I started as a bather). Nothing is good as hands on learning if at all possible.


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          Scottie not Schnauzer

          I didn't realize what I wrote until I read my reply. Please transpose Schnauzer with Scottie. Sorry about that.