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    looking for a good shampoo and cond. any suggestions? i use biogrooms products, would like to try other brands.

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    There are lots of posts about shampoo and conditioner on here. Do a search and you will find so many ideas it will make your head spin! A lot depends on what kind of dog you are doing, of course. My favorite for double coated dogs is Best Shot Ultra Wash & Ultra Plenish conditioner. My favorite all around shampoo is Kelco Grimeinator.


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      you are going to get a ton of responses, everyone swearing there's is the best. as was posted above, get samples and small bottles and see what works for you. i "swear" on les pooch f & t and their hypo creme rinse used as a leave in. other lines i carry include davis oatmeal and chlorohexidine shampoos, shea pet sheabutter/lanolon and shea butter/avocado(cats) , les pooches hypo shampoo. i am always trying new products to see if there is something better than what i am using.
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        workingchihuahua is right. Everyone believes the products they use are the best, so you'll just have to find what you like and what works best for you. Now, for me, I really like EZ Groom. I use their shampoo's and conditioner's the most often. I also like Grimeinator and Spa Lavish's blueberry facial scrub. I love EZ Groom's leave in conditioner, scruff out spray and colognes. I don't even try anything else anymore in those categories. But I like to use other shampoo too once in awhile for something different. But I'll never stop using EZ Groom - I really do like it that much. Good luck!


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          Here are a few things to consider:

          First of all Price, once you dilute that shampoo properly most shampoo's and conditioners are within pennies of each other even LES POOCH AND EQYSS:-)

          Second, do you want multiple shampoos and conditioners for all different types of furs? Or, do you want one that does many types of coats?

          Third, what matters most to you: Amount of Suds, Scent, Easy availability?