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  • Just One Dryer?

    Hi All,

    Just wondering about my Air Express III dryer that I love dearly but actually has TOO MUCH power. I found out that it uses the same motors as the Double K 850 but each motor has it's own rocker switch.

    Anyway to the point, it's too powerful for face work and doesn't have a variable speed control to turn it down for the face. Should I just get an additional dryer for face work, or trade it in for the 850 that has the variable speed control? Thanks for any help.


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    2nd dryer definitely

    If I were you, I'd get a 2nd dryer. Then you would have a back up dryer too, for the just in case. I love my Double K dryer btw, it is awesome!


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      Several dryer types needed

      If you aren't used to using the big HV dryers, they do blow a lot of air!

      I started out using a single 4.0 metro. Got used to using that effectively, Got a second metro...
      Now I have a circuiteer II & use it full force along with one of the metros, holding both nozzles in 1 hand, toweling with the other hand, on a big Golden I do. Gets him dry in no time.

      I use a stand dryer on faces.



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        Get a stand dryer for the faces.
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."