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  • rounding ears

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to round a dogs ears that has very thick hair?
    Every time I cut their ears the back of the hair on the ears (closest to the face) is longer than the front. It almost looks layered. So I just keep cutting and rounding trying not to make the front any shorter.

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    Its hard to explain without showing you, but trim the back of the ear slightly shorter, so it bevels from the front down and up the back, just slightly though. I hope I didn't just confuse you more!


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      Yep to what Maggy said...also I use a curved shear to get the shape and bevel the back slightly.
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        You said really thick hair. You may try a thinning shear too. It could make the hair lay down a little bit more, and easier to trim.
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          I do this: fodl the ear in half and hold it with my fingers, slide my fingers down past the leather so you know exactly where it is at, then i trim the ends off of the ear hair so it is nice and straight. I then hold the dogs muzzle and make sure they are still, comb the ear hair down acouple times and take my shears and trim the front and the back sides of the hair, comb the hair repeatdly inbetween each snip and pull the head away from me so i can see if it is rounded or not. just make sure you know where the ear leather is.