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Hitting my Stride

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  • Hitting my Stride

    I guess I'm not a new newbie but grooming for only 3 years some days are just better than others.

    Had a banner day today!
    I have groomed these 2 Poms about 6 times I guess. I wish I would have taken pictures from the beginning.
    I just looked & looked at them today in awe of how far I've come with my scissoring. And I'm not even using the proper finishing type shears.

    Buy & use the best tool for the job.
    I remember I had purchased a nice long tooth comb for use on longer hair. (I'd put it away because seems like all I did for a while were "7 all over".) What a difference! When you pull all the hair out to the edge using the proper tool, the finish is so plush!

    Just call me Smiley!