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    ok, so here is another dilemma, lol. I am not sure which to do. I dont know if I can have a homebased shop, as I posted in a previous thread, due to zoning regs. So I was thinking of going into a commercial location, but I think the overhead would be higher that I want to really get into. I was then thinking maybe mobile? But I dont know how high the overhead would be with that, and I dont know if I would be able to fill the water tanks up from my house (no outside spicket from house??) Plus we have bad winters here in NY, so not sure about that?? Was thinking housecall, but dont know if I am thrilled about the idea of going into strangers homes. I know that sounds nutty and paranoid, but.....strange things can happen I guess. And then having owners gawking at me not sure if I would like that either. I have already looked into some insurance info and it doesnt seem like it would be too bad. But what kind of permits would I need for each of these? Does anyone know? I was thinking maybe starting off housecall grooming and then going from there?? But then I have some people who would rather drop the dog off somewhere so they dont have the mess in their house. I just dont know......thx

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    There are people who work all of these ways and love it, so it's really an individual thing. I've worked in a shop, as employee and then owner, for about 22 years. I'm burnt out on it and need a fresh way of doing things, so I'm closing my shop and going mobile this summer. If you would have asked me five years ago if I would ever go mobile, I would have said no way!lol If mobile technology hadn't grown so much since they first came out with the concept, I'd still say no way. ;-)

    You first need to thoroughly research the costs and laws in your area for each way of running your business so you can make a more informed decision. If there is any way that you can spend at least one day with someone working in each situation, that would be ideal. Then you could get a better feel for what will work for you. :-)


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      I have a shop at my house

      Started out this way. Then went to a commercial location.
      Didn't like having to groom so many dogs just to pay the rent.
      Didn't like walkins wanting appointments, nail trims, etc... right now.
      Didn't like etc.................

      Went back to my home shop.
      Mobile might be an option one day.



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        It's definately an individual preferance. I worked at a few shops and found I'm not really a shop girl, although it was good to get the experience. I worked with a mobile groomer and found I really like it, however, it is not practical for NYC. I like working on my own, so , I do Housecall here. I eventually would like to go mobile when I leave the city. I feel it's important to try different things to find out what you may see yourself doing or not doing.


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          I have to hand it to House-call groomers, I don't think I could do that...I have just too much stuff I have to have, I'd be carrying it in and out more then I'd be grooming!

          Having had shops, working corporate, and IC, and such...going Mobile has been a great change for me. I love. Yes, I occasionally help out a groomer buddy in a shop or something, even using my rig when another mobile is down and needs a ride...but Mobile has just been that shot in the arm...I love being able to drive , well, not loving the construction and traffic, but it balances out. In a tight place as a city, maybe not...but here everything is pretty laid out...


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            Ok, well I started as home based while building my clientel, then went into a salon, I have since added Mobile as a service (still have salon as well). I must admit I love Mobile, in fact I groom in Mobile 2 days a week, I groom in the salon 2 day a week and spend 1 day doing owner **** (bills, payroll, etc.).

            Mobile has a higher return, meaning the over-all costs are less and profits are higher when comparing 1 person.

            Salon- has the potential for more growth as you add more clients and more people.

            Here is what you need to look at:
            Can I work all day, not talking to another adult?
            Am I okay, if the van breaks down being out of money?
            Can I stick to my guns and charge fair mobile prices?
            If yes to any of these, Mobile.

            Do I like talking?
            Do I need other people to check my work?
            Does my area have enough business for me to grow into adding more groomers?
            If yes, then a Salon is the answer.


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              update on this problem

              well, me and my husband have figured out what we are going to do. Since the zoning people refuse to answer me yes or no either way, we are going to fix up our back porch since it will be pretty cheap to do. Already has electric going to it, and has rubber flooring. So we just need to bring plumbing over but we are looking into that now, and just fix it up so it looks better. So, anyways we are going to do that and build up a clientele, since I really dont have that many people right now anyways the zoning people couldnt say too much. Then when I do have alot of people hopefully I will have saved up enough to decide whether to go mobile or do a salon type setting. I think mobile could be so much fun, but salon sounds good too, so we will see!! This is going to work out the best for me right now anyways since I have small children, this way I can still be here during the day, but can still groom dogs, so this way everyone is happy!! Thank u for all the great advice. Keep it coming!!