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wandering where to start off with grooming..

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  • wandering where to start off with grooming..


    im trying to figure out where do i start with grooming..

    i found a place that hired me as a assistant on grooming..but was wandering do i need school for it or is it fine where i am?

    i know the basics..hygiene, bathing, drying (making them look like little cute puff balls) and shaving.. (still a little messy there! but improving)

    i wanna get certified... (with NDGA) just wanna know where to really start here.. not sure if i should quit being the assistant and go head on into school (im thinking petco school but im thinking its still the same thing in the end as where i am)

    im fine with grooming and the pay risks.. but i love the dogs and dont want to do vet assistant. i just want to do a grooming thing and perhaps later on move onto vet tech as well grooming.. (i know im greedy here)

    any advice? im in the los angeles area..

    any advice would actually be great!

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    well if where your at now is willing to teach you the breed patterns and styles and such i would just stick with where your at. i actually applied at a petsomething....and was told there schooling is only 2 wks long.
    hrm...not worth my time or energy to go to school for 2 wks. no thanks.
    so...if where your at is willing to teach you the patterns and such then id stay where your at. they already have you on shavedowns....thats the first part to learning grooming! cant have a dog with hair sticking out all willy nilly lol.
    good luck!