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  • I love to groom! Newbie

    First off, what an informative, inspirational board here!!! I have already learned a lot, and I have only been on here for an hour, lol.

    Very brief introduction: I was a bather/brusher years ago and loved the grooming room, but due to allergies (we also groomed cats and I'm allergic) I had to go to another area. Then, I was a vet assistant/tech in training for 5 years and I got to do some grooming there to satisfy my scissoring urges! Well, anyhoo, last week I got (adopted) my first poodle (Hurrah!) and poor little Coco was immediately whisked to my makeshift grooming table where he was fluffed and clippered. Then, after my sister in law saw him, she let me work on her newly adopted poodle-mix. Now I am SO excited about grooming again (SIL had bad experience w/local groomer, now she's paying me )

    So now i'm really considering some home study courses and I just want to say thanks for everyone's input. This is something I have wanted to do for years. We have a local shelter and I am SURE I can groom there for practice. I'm excited now!

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    Poodle scissoring

    I too sometimes have those horrible urges to scissor a poodle! They are just tooo much fun! Although i do groom this very creepy poodle and the creepieness of the poodle kindof takes away the joy of scissoring him. I love the way a WELL (no scissor marks. I am a nut when it comes to leaving dents, scissormarks, or anything else bad in the coat, this bugs me sooo much!) scissored poodle looks.


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      I'm so happy for you! The local shelter is a great place to learn! I volunteer at the local shelter and help a lady groom the dogs. No dog that get adopted leaves without a nice bath, coat trim, nails and ears cleanned. I'm not much of a dog person (I do love them!) but it's nice learning experience.

      I groom the cats because nobody wants to touch them. They leave without their nails cut! When I know one is adopted, I go in and give it a nice waterless bath, clean ears and nails. Then I try to steal the cat and management will not let me take them home! LOL just kidding! I'm just a s*cker for cats, I sooo love them!

      Local shelters REALLY appreciate the help of groomers. I bet you they would be more then happy to have you there. You don't have a be a pro at it either, you'll have the opportunity to learn and see some really bad matted pets. It's unbeleivable to think some of those pets are in such bad shape and they sure appreciate being cleanned up.

      Maybe they already have a groomer there that could teach you a few tricks also! Go for it!