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  • My new website

    I just got a new website and would like comments/suggestions on it. I believe the guy who did it for me did a great job.

    Would like to know what others think about it. The address is

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    I would love to tell you how fab it is if you would just post the
    Mandy, Birdie, Evie, Willie and The Woo
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      What is the address?

      I'd like to look at it!


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        I think you forgot to give us the name of your site

        Happy Resubmitting this post

        Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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          It was a very long, busy week and I am pooped. Sorry!!


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            Very nice, really like the colors and it looks very professional.
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              It's very nice!

              I like the colours and it's very professional. I would use you if I lived in your area!


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                Very cheery, it made me feel like Spring is indeed right around the corner with all the warm colors.

                Prolly the one thing I would upgrade when you can afford your camera. I think that clear, well lit pictures will complete the professional appearance, and pics are something people tend to gravitate to early on when peeking at a web site.
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                  I think the pics aren't so great is because the inside of the van is white and reflects the light. Maybe I'll try putting a curtain over the window and see if that makes a difference. Thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate them.



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                    It is really cute! You have a nice start
                    Mandy, Birdie, Evie, Willie and The Woo
                    Check out my Blog at


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                      Very cute but I would change the background to a solid color, the background makes it harder to read! Very professional site though.
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                        Photo site

                        Looks like a great start. Everyone should share. My site is .



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                          I really like the site, but I ran into a problem seeing the photos. I started looking at the before and after, then to the bath babies, and then van photos. When I clicked on "home" I was sent back to bath babies and the pix were replaced with the following:

                          {polaroid bordercolor="#FFFFFF" shadowopacity="0.5" rotation="left" title="Gizmo bath baby"
                          alt="Gizmo bath baby"}BathBabies/gizmo-bath-baby.jpg{/polaroid}

                          {polaroid bordercolor="#FFFFFF" shadowopacity="0.5" rotation="left" title="Sable bath baby"alt="Sable bath baby"}BathBabies/sable-bath-baby.jpg{/polaroid}

                          when I clicked on Before and after I got the same thing:


                          {polaroid bordercolor="#FFFFFF" shadowopacity="0.5" rotation="left" title="Romeo before"
                          alt="Romeo Before"}BeforeAfter/romeo-before.jpg{/polaroid}

                          {polaroid bordercolor="#FFFFFF" shadowopacity="0.5" rotation="left" title="Toby before"
                          alt="Toby Before"}BeforeAfter/toby-before.jpg{/polaroid}

                          {polaroid bordercolor="#FFFFFF" shadowopacity="0.5" rotation="left" title="Bing before"
                          alt="Bling Before"}BeforeAfter/Bling-before.jpg{/polaroid}
                          {polaroid bordercolor="#FFFFFF" shadowopacity="0.5" rotation="left" title="Mattox before"
                          alt="Bling Before"}BeforeAfter/Mattox-before.jpg{/polaroid}

                          {polaroid bordercolor="#FFFFFF" shadowopacity="0.5" rotation="left" title="Minnie before"
                          alt="Minnie Before"}BeforeAfter/Minnie-before.jpg{/polaroid}

                          {polaroid bordercolor="#FFFFFF" shadowopacity="0.5" rotation="left" title="Romeo After"alt="Romeo Before"}BeforeAfter/romeo-after.jpg{/polaroid}

                          {polaroid bordercolor="#FFFFFF" shadowopacity="0.5" rotation="left" title="Toby After"alt="Toby Before"}BeforeAfter/toby-after.jpg{/polaroid}

                          {polaroid bordercolor="#FFFFFF" shadowopacity="0.5" rotation="left" title="Bling After"alt="Bling Before"}BeforeAfter/Bling-after.jpg{/polaroid}{polaroid bordercolor="#FFFFFF" shadowopacity="0.5" rotation="left" title="Mattox After"
                          alt="Bling Before"}BeforeAfter/Mattox-after.jpg{/polaroid}

                          {polaroid bordercolor="#FFFFFF" shadowopacity="0.5" rotation="left" title="Minnie After"
                          alt="Minnie Before"}BeforeAfter/Minnie-after.jpg{/polaroid}

                          I'm using Mozilla Firefox, version 3.6.3

                          I hope this info helps work out the bugs. It really is a nice looking site.
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                            I would include a list of what you consider "all vaccines" because different vets have different views on what should be given when, how frequently etc, so being specific would help clear up confusion before you get there.


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                              What I think

                              The first page is like WOW---totally impressive. If you want advice here's what I would suggest. For the before and after shots, make sure you've only got really good pics, nothing fuzzy or hard to see and only put up pics where there's an obvious difference between the before and the after. The best two should be on the top and bottom of the page. Remove any that aren't that great, focus on quality rather than quantity.

                              The grooming van page is really great, I wouldn't change a thing, unless you want to add more pictures of the inside of the van. Seeing the one wall looking so cool makes me want to see what the rest of it looks like.

                              I didn't really get the bath babies page. I'm not sure what you're getting at.

                              Also, when I went from one page to another, then back again, I couldn't see the pics anymore, just the code for them.

                              Overall, the website is really good. It just seems like a new site where you haven't worked out the kinks quite yet, but I'd do it as soon as you have time. I'd definitely get you to groom my dogs and pay good money for it Awesome job!