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New Career at 50??? grooming???

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  • New Career at 50??? grooming???

    My name is Nancy and I'm new on the board. I found a grooming school that offers approximately over 500 hours of "hands-on" teaching in their curriculum. Everyone that graduates their program will have "groomed" over 100 dogs before graduation. I have had my own petsitting company for 4 years and would very much like to provide my clients with "grooming" services as well. I guess, my question is can anyone tell me what I really am going to be prepared to do after only approximately 4 months of attending grooming school?? Is it practical to think of starting my own business? My other concern is that $4,200 for tuition (not including tools!) is expensive! I was also looking into DVD videos to learn proper bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, brush outs, etc. The school is about an hour's drive away and is going to be hard to fit into my schedule. I was hoping I could do a home-study course but that doesn't seem practical because it lacks "hands-on training".