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    I've done it! I quit my current job and started class yesterday. I'm really impressed with the instructor. She has been grooming for 20 years, part of that time she flew around the country and instructed others. The course seems to cover everything that has been mentioned here. They have others come in to lecture on various topics like dog behavior, blade sharpening and they even have an accountant coming in to discuss taxes and small businesses.

    There is only three other students in the class, so I feel like there will be plenty of hands on experience.

    I think I lucked out with this school.

    The only thing I didn't like is they seemed so focused on the money aspect. I'm not becoming a groomer to get rich, I want to do this so I can enjoy my work as well as the rest of my life.

    I do have a question for the experienced people. How many dogs do you groom on an average day? I've heard 5-7, is that sound about right?
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    Welcome to this board and you are on the road to a new career so congrats on that. Yes 5-7 is a good average. Depending on if you have a bather or not. Good luck with all!


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      unless of course you work at a petsomethig store-they expect us us to do at least 8 dogs per day, including our own bathing!


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        been grooming since '78. 8-12 a day. I prefer 7...that way I can go to lunch and relax awhile lol most days though its 9 haircuts and 3 or 4 bath only dogs..