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  • New career path!

    I just noticed there was a "Beginner talk" on the board, probably a more suiting place for me to post! Ever since I was a kid I've always wanted to work with animals. Now my husband and I moved to a lower cost of living state and I can afford to do something I love instead of working a boring desk job for the MONEY. During my first year here of settling in I took an online course for Pet Grooming to learn and decide. Last week I applied to an ad in the paper at a vet/grooming/kennel clinic and I applied as a bather! I got an interview and go back in tomorrow to observe. I am soooo excited! I was beaming while I was there for the interview so hopefully they noticed what a happy person I was. I am actually a shy person but when you throw animals in the mix I light up and have a totally different personality.

    I really hope I get the job so send me some good vibes! I am so excited to go in tomorrow and actually work with the animals and see what goes on. The staff there is incredibly nice too. If I get the job I can't believe I'll be doing something fun (and hard work I'm sure) AND get paid for it! Back at home my dog's vet offered me a job (he loved me) but the money wasn't going to pay the bills at the time and I was bummed. It was expensive where I lived. Life as gotten so great I can't believe it.

    Anyway I actually look forward to being on my feet all day (lose these pesky pounds!), be around people who love animals as much as I do, be around the dogs and cats, and finally living my dream of working in a vet's office. I'd love it even if I was only picking up poop! I am still young so I do look forward to someday maybe becoming a groomer myself. Bathing is a great start for me!

    Hopefully I'll get the job!

    I'm excited to buy scrubs too

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    Isn't that WONDERFUL!!!!

    Sending "employment" vibes your way

    Let us know how it goes.


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      What a great story! Definitely sending employment vibes your way. Welcome and hope you get lots of useful info from here. I know I have. With your attitude, you'll be grooming before you know it.


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        With your attitude, work ethic and beaming smile---the vets office would be crazy not to hire you!!

        Good Luck and go get 'em!!!!!


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          Aw you sound so enthusiastic.That is nice too see in this business. Let us know how much you like it and how it goes. Good luck.


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            I'm so happy for you. It is so much nicer getting up and going to work when it is something you really want to do. Yes it is hard work but it is also very enjoyable.

            Sending you good "vibes", good luck to you.
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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              good luck to you!!! bathing is HARD work but it does pay off in the end as you feel you have accomplished something that day. hopefully they will offer to train you to groom if they have a groomer there already who is willing to help train ya!
              Good luck and Have fun!


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                I got the job!!! I start Wednesday! I went in today to observe and they didn't "scare me away" as they say. It was so cool to see the dogs from start to finish. I hope I do well!


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                  YAY! Congrats!

                  It was MEANT to be. You'll be great and just remember that you can always come here to get help. There are some really great people here