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  • Help Me! I've Hit a Wall!

    Ok, so I've been grooming at the same box store for the last 4 years. This is where I started, and the years here are certainly irreplaceable. I have met many amazing people here, but now I've hit a wall. I can't really learn much more from my coworkers since I'm one of the most experienced people here. I attend as many seminars and conferences as I can, but I'm starting to get burnt out by this place. I groom some dogs on the side, and I really like that, but when I'm at the store, I feel like this dark cloud surrounds me and drags me down. I feel like a change of scenery would help, but I'm scared to death about leaving the comfort and "security" of the store.

    Has anyone else dealt with this before? What did you do? How did you rekindle your passion?

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    My stint at a corporate salon made me hate grooming.
    You've never worked as a groomer in another setting? If not, you don't know what you're missing, good and bad.

    Wow, I was censored?
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      Set some goals

      For yourself! Start working towards certification! Find someone in your area who shows dogs and ask if you can work with them on your days off. Is there a breed you really like? Find a breeder and perfect that breed. You don't have to leave your current job to do these things.
      I have people that come and work with me for a day here and there to change things up, learn different ways to do things etc....You don't say where you are from but, there are people all over the country that you could do this with.


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        Sally > Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself. Working at a private salon will surely be different. Ultimately, my friend and coworker want to open our own place, but a) with the economy sucking right now, we're not sure that going out on our own is the best move at this point, and b) I personally feel that I need new "hands-on" influences. My friend (who is actually the salon manager) taught me everything I know, but we both want to learn more. If I were to look for work at a multi-groomer private salon, can you think of any specific things I should look for... like warning signs that I should stay away?

        epilady > You're absolutely right. And working with a breeder has been suggested to me before. What's the best way to go about finding a *good* breeder in my area (Baltimore, MD)?

        By some miracle, I'm able to go on the Barkleigh Pet Pro Bahamas cruise next week, and I'm hoping some fun in the sun will help lift my spirits. :-) Btw, I love terriers, esp. Airedales, Lakelands & Welsh.


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          You prolly know, but the West Friendship shows are coming up at the Howard County fairgrounds Jan 22 to 25. Might be a decent place to poke around?
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            Originally posted by theshuffleupagus View Post
            By some miracle, I'm able to go on the Barkleigh Pet Pro Bahamas cruise next week, and I'm hoping some fun in the sun will help lift my spirits. :-) Btw, I love terriers, esp. Airedales, Lakelands & Welsh.
            That cruise sounds AMAZING!

            Suuuuuuper jealous. Enjoy!!!


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              Indeed, and I'm psyched to meet Sarah. :-)

              4Sibes > I didn't know about that. That's what I get for living in a bubble. :-/ Don't know if I'll be able to get there tho, but thanks for the info.


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                Join whatever AKC kennel club is closest to you. You'll get to meet all kinds of breeders and network with other animal people. I belong to one based in Hagerstown and enjoy the monthly meetings where someone talks about some dog related topic. Our dues are only $10 a year and it's well worth it. Most clubs host a show and/or match about once a year and it's fun to go and help. I was on clean up duty last time, but I really enjoyed walking around the show! Members also get a reduced rate on training classes!


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                  i started in a box store myself, was there for a few years, did a little mobile on the side, and aside from manager issues i liked it a lot, then i transferred. within a few months of working part time in another store in another state i quit. i never understood why people bad mouthed the corp shops til i worked there. i took a year off moved again and am working in a private shop now. i tell ya, it's a whole new world! it's slower and quieter and slightly less stressful. do a lot of sedated dogs, and haircuts i'd have gotten fired for before. i could never live off hte money i make cause it is a small shop. but, the hardest part for me is forgetting everything i've ever learned and changed my style to what customers here are used to. and not totally losing my cool when the owner walks over to my perfect face and starts chopping on it, it got bad enough i offered to just be a bather/rough in groomer. i'm part of the way through my certification, i'd like to finish that. plus i've decided if i leave the area i'm going back to mobile.

                  sometimes mixing it up a bit is what you need. or changing your goals a bit. i go back and forth between being my own boss and not having to worry about responsibility. good luck whatever you decide to do. i know if i hadn't quit when i did and taken the time off i'd probably never have started grooming again.


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                    well ive hit the wall too. the owner of the shop i am working at right now really dosnt want me to advance it seems. she wants to keep me where im at...grooming big dogs for her, learning the smaller breeds, and basically doing the washing and drying of one of the groomers dogs as well as cleaning up the shop during the day as well. and doing the end of the day cleaning.
           of the other groomers suggested that i apply at one of the box stores as a groomer...and just explain to them that i already do large dogs, but dont know the patterns on the breeds. maybe they would be able to send me to their school? so i applyed...waiting to see if anything comes of it. because basically i need to get out of this shop...warning signs to watch it a family owned business? (LOL), if it is...are the groomers related to the owners?, do the groomers feel that they are the best there is and that no one can even come close? do they bad mouth the other groomers (non family) or pick apart grooms done by someone else? sometimes its hard to catch this all in the beginning...but as time goes by you notice it.


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                      Hey HoundLover,

                      Sorry to hear about hitting that "glass ceiling". I too have found out the hard way of the "trials" of working at a corp shop. That's actually what lead me to start an "on the side" business....that ultimately lead me to new opportunities. I noticed in one of your replies that you enjoyed grooming a few animals on the side? Why not supplement your corp job by doing grooming on the side? This will allow you to be able save some money if you decide to open your own business. If that's not your cup of tea, the extra money allows you a little bit more confidence to shop around for a private grooming shop. is a good place for you to setup a website, reach out to local pet professionals as well as local clientele. It's in beta right now, so it won't cost you anything.

                      Whichever way you decide to further your career, good luck and congratulations!
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