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  • Update on the Issue

    Just thought I'd let you guys know thaaat the business basically closed. If it wasn't closing, it was most likely combining with another shop and most definitely wouldn't have space for me, although my boss wanted me to stay and wait. I told her I simply couldn't afford that financially, which I was honest about.

    All I have to say is, everything happens for a reason! I have an interview for Tuesday and I've driven passed it before. It looks honestly beautiful. It looks clean, it's in a great area, there's a pet bakery and a vet next door. It's great from what I've seen. I'm super excited!!!

    Thanks so much for all your advice again and remember to keep your heads up, even when it's difficult. You never know what great thing could happen next.

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    I hope your interview went well! My fingers are crossed for you.


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      Thanks so much. It went great, actually. I got the job and everyone seems extremely nice there. The shop is BEAUTIFUL and smells AWESOME! I'm really excited to groom again. It's part time so I'm hoping to score a second job.


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        How's the new job going and are you guys busy this time of year?


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          Good luck!
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