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How to land apprenticeship?

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  • How to land apprenticeship?

    I am seriously considering trying to get an apprenticeship. I have always wanted to be a groomer and have decided not to let my illness stop me! But I have no idea how to go about this. How do you decide which shops to try? Do you call first or just walk in? Who do you ask to speak to and what do you say to them? I don't care about being payed. I would rather train a few days a week for free. How do I say i can only groom smaller dogs because of my disability? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! -Lindsay

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    Sounds like you already know what to say. You can either call them, or go to the shop and take a look around then talk to the boss. Be up front and hopefully you'll find a mentor. Where are you located?


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      I live in Buffalo,NY.


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        I had to pay my way to one but it was well worth it


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          I luckily had family in the business. I volunteered to help out. Three years later I manage the grooming department.


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            Apply like a job, do a resume, and cover letter. Start by calling pr set up an appointment with the owner. Be prepared for many no' you homework, some provinces apprenticeships must be either registered or the apprentice must be paid as an employee, there are issues such an insurance to go through.
            be polite if they tell you no, do not burn bridges. sk them for advice on how they got started, you may learn someting from every negative experience.
            Someone may say yes, it may be a fair distance away, it may be lots of work and huge sacrifice but if you want it, it will happen and it will be worth it.