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  • Bit of A Problem

    So I took this job a few months back at this salon..and it's..not that great. :\ My fellow groomers hate me because I "groom too fast and hog all the dogs" even though I always offer them the last couple dogs to make it even and they say no. The receptionist tries to sabotage me by writing their names on the grooming sheets (big dogs and ones worth big money or tip well) as if they're requests for the other groomers. The owner/our boss is on my side, so I WON'T lose my job if they say anything to her about me (AKA lie), but's such a stressful environment.

    To top it off, I'm lucky if I get in there 2 out of the 5 days I'm supposed to be in because there aren't enough dogs coming in.. The place is unsanitary, looks horrible, they smoke there and simply don't care about the business. It's NOTHING like what I thought I would be doing coming out of school.

    My own business is on hold as I got turned down for a loan. I may be getting help from the same organization that gave me my RV for my rig, but that will still be a while. And I've already looked for a second grooming or bathing job. No bites, lol.

    I guess my question is how can I resolve some of the issues and cure the tension? I'm stuck there, if I want to groom.. and I do, of course. For the time being I'd just like to smooth things out. I have a feeling if I just sit the two down, they're just going to talk more to one another about me later... there a "covert" way to ease everything? Lmao.

    Sorry about the ranting.

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    As you have found out, groomers can sometimes be a hard group to get along with. I work with someone that I have not talked to in a year!! Maybe you can just try to ignore the situation util something better comes along? I know it's hard to do, but for me it works.


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      Maybe ya'll need a system on who gets what dog & when. You are the new girl in the shop, there should be some seniorty for the other groomers. I think if you started working with me and hogged all the dogs, I would be upset too! LOL. The place I worked when I was new had set rules. I got the dogs that were groomed by the girl they let go, the other 2 groomers kept their regulars. It was up to the salon mgr to assign walkins or new clients.
      Offering them the last few dogs kinda sounds like you have tried to take over>. The new kid is offering them dogs??? Put yourself in their place and see how you would feel if someone new showed up, started grooming your regs and offered you a few dogs,,,lol, Who is in charge of this place? Sounds like a management problem.


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        Thank you for the response

        Schnlove - That's exactly what I have been doing - ignoring them both. I just wish that we could get along.. And yea, groomers are hard to get along with. Lol, I guess because we have to be so dominant with the dogs that we want to be dominant in all situations?

        Rudyroo - (Cute picture, btw!) My boss doesn't really believe in seniority and the two other groomers don't really have a set list of regulars. The one has only been there two weeks longer and the other about a year. We go numerically so whatever dog is next, the groomer who finished first takes.

        I'm just trying to be nice by offering them the last dogs since that's their issue with me, but I didn't think of it that way so thank you for putting it into a different perspective. Our boss actually told me not to even bother offering the others a dog and just do them myself. Do you think I should stop offering? I ask them how many dogs they've done and then offer, to equal it out.. And really, I'm probably only doing 2 dogs more than them in the whole week

        Yeaaa...funny how you caught onto the management issue! Our boss is burnt out.. She didn't really want to get into grooming as a career. She wanted to do it as a hobby, but fell into it being a career so she's not really wanting to even be at the shop. There's constant battles between the receptionist and bather for control. It's chaos.


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          Let me just say I feel your pain. I personally would just be cool and calm with your coworkers. Take all the work you can get. If they want more dogs, they need to get their butts in gear. If they're lazy, that's their problem not yours.

          Don't take the bait. From my experience, they'll try to get a reaction out of you. Just be Miss All Business but polite, be a rock. Don't try to be friends, that's probably the worse thing you could do. You can try the straight talk route, but if you're dealing with irrational/erratic/scheming/otherwise low-down women- it's not gonna get you very far. You sound like you've got a good head on your shoulders, hold on to it.

          Be looking for an escape route.
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            This is completely a management issue, filtering down, and very unfortunate that you are on the receiving end of it. So are the other groomers, and that's a shame and a waste of talent and dedication.

            I would NEVER "offer" other groomers dogs. Puts a terrible spin on things if you are stuck there for a while. People see that as threatening...not an act of graciousness. It (on the surface) appears that they are not up to par. (If the shoe fits...I know... )

            You ask "how can you resolve some of the issues and cure the tension"...well, do need to approach these other 2 with that exact question and be prepared to hear their answer. Chances are they will not have one when you take them aside...but ask them to talk amongst themselves (as you know they will anyway) and please let you know.

            That's a tough situation you are in...anything you do to improve it...from cleaning the shop up a bit to improving your own working going to be perceived as threatening...and that just plain stinks. Lots and lots of folks out there in the workforce would rather cut their noses off than change their ways and join forces with the pleasant ways that DO work.

            Hang in there...if you have no choice, get t'ell out if/when you find you can.
            Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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              All you can do is do your best, and if your best is better, or quicker then what theirs is then so be it. You all need to work but it sounds like you are the one there that is the one that is willing to work. I agree with the other posters who say dont offer them dogs. If you are done, you are willing to do the next dog, and they are not, then it is your dog to do if that is the way things are run. It usually always washes out anyway. For instance the next dog that comes in that they would be able to do may end up being a bigger $$ dog, and if they need to make more money they will get their butts in gear. Keep business business. You are not there to make friends, but to make a paycheck.


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                They smoke there? Geeeze.... you can't even smoke in a bar in IL - and they are smoking in a grooming shop?


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                  Originally posted by dogspaw View Post
                  if they need to make more money they will get their butts in gear. Keep business business. You are not there to make friends, but to make a paycheck.
                  agreed - stay out of the drama & do your job the best you can. This is your career, not a drama fest ...


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                    First, I agree with 4sibes, it's a management issue trickling down.

                    Second---you're right out of school and you can groom the dogs faster than the experienced groomers? Never heard of that. But I agree, they need to be on the ball and work a little quicker then. Not sure without actually being there.

                    Third, what do you mean by being "dominant" over the dogs? Specifically?

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                      Seriously? Like inside the building? If so, that's in very bad taste and hazardous to everyone, every animal and stinks up virtually everything. Sorry smokers. I'd have a mega fit over that, it's a deal breaker. Sounds like a gross place.

                      You said your loan application was declined? I hate that. Ever thought about housecalls until then?
                      That Tenacious Terrier!


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                        Wow I would get your own thing going as son as you can,that sounds like a toxic work place ,and though I agree with the advice to rise above it,and stay cool,and professsional,it will get to you sooner or later. Do they smoke inside the shop? That will lose you clients by droves!. I smoke,but only outside out ofd sight,and disenfect my hands and spray perfume on me before resuming work. If you are fast,and and skilled ,do your own thing!
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                          Again, thanks for all the responses. It's a relief knowing that maybe this isn't my fault after all as my boss says, lol. I guess I worry too much?

                          I will stop offering dogs to them and simply continue on with what I had been doing from the get-go. Fine with me. I need the money anyway! :P

                          I'm scrambling to find someone to give me a loan so I can get out of there ASAP. My school was also a full salon and I know someone who used to work where I work now. It used to be even worse than it is. My boss used to get her electric, heat, etc. shut off so they couldn't groom.

                          And yea, we all (everyone that works there) know there's a management issue. I like my boss a lot, but she's worn out and is having trouble continuing. It's sad because she's an extremely nice person.

                          SpikeyTheYorkie - (About speed) My instructors trained me in a way that brought accuracy first so later I could try to focus on speed. They told me to time myself on everything. The pads, nails, etc. is given a certain amount. Clipper work another amount and scissoring the longest..depending on the cut, of course. It's helped me A LOT. I average about an hour per dog.

                          (About being dominant with the dogs) I simply meant that we can't let the dogs run the show on the table. They have to know you're alpha between the two of you right then (at least with the trouble makers) or you're going to have an issue. We get A LOT of trouble makers where I work and I get through them a lot better if I keep the mindset that "Okay. I'm top dog. This dog isn't getting the best of me because I'm in charge." Keeps me a lot calmer too.

                          Canopener Sally - We all got into a discussion about smoking one day (at the shop). I spoke my peace that I felt like **** knowing the dog I just worked so hard on...trying to make it beautiful in every way, now wreaks of smoke. The bather started snapping at me that I just want everyone to quit smoking because I don't smoke. I could have hit my head on a wall with frustration lol I don't care if you smoke! I just care that the dog smells like it now. I just ignored her after she snapped and wouldn't listen to me trying to calmly explain.

                          I have thought about doing house calls, but I don't feel I can do my good enough doing house calls because of the lack of proper equipment (Table, drier, etc.). I want to make sure I am at my very best with every dog that comes to me..or I go to them. :P

                          What is ridiculous is I was actually PARTIALLY turned down for the loan. They offered me a fourth of what I asked for.

                          Poodleluv - The one groomer does wash her hands after she smokes. The other, I'm not sure about. Either way, the dogs are with the smoke in the back room so even if the groomers wash up, the dogs will still smell like smoke.

                          Scrubapup - You would be surprised where people smoke despite the law against it! :P

                          dogspaw - I have to keep that in mind (That I'm not there to make friends.)