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I want to be a groomer and need some advice any suggestions???

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  • I want to be a groomer and need some advice any suggestions???

    Hello there-
    I live in a smaller town in Northern MN and there are NO grooming schools within 250 miles. I have a husband and children. So relocating to MPLS is kinda out of the question right now. I really wanted to get into grooming and thought honestly that the only way would be through our local ***** I have explored area grooming shops ( smaller ones) but no one wants to do an apprenticeship. So here I am working at ***** as a grooming assistant and have been doing so since this last June. I like it there but have been wondering if this is the best place to start off my new grooming career for training and education.
    I went to apply today for a kennel assistant/grooming assistant and a smaller shop in my area and when she found out I worked at ****- she flipped out on me and would even let me apply. She treated me aweful. Ok fine, but the things she was saying about **** really had me wondering if this is the best place to start my career out...
    Does anyone have any advice?

    Desperate in MN

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    There is an excellent grooming organization in Wisconsin. My suggestion would be, if you can afford it, come down for the rescue competition and meet people. I don't know what you ran into, but some grooming shops do things correctly, some not so much. If you think your in a not so much, then attending a WAPPS event will let you see what other people are doing. I was lucky enough to have worked as a bather under an excellent groomer. I moved to Mpls to learn (at a shop), that shop was the not so much, but at least I knew wrong when I saw it. If that is the problem WAPPS will help a lot. The last thing you want to do in a little Northern MN town is burn a ton of bridges, but if you are at a shop with a bad rep, it will not help to much either. Being a groomers assistant, with someone who may want to train you is probably a great deal, as long as the environment is right. I know I am rambling, but one last thing, no experience is worthless. The shops I have worked at that were money motivated and hack and slice taught me a great deal about what I didn't want to do, as well as how to work to the top of my potential under pressure. I say this incase you felt disregarded for a similar reason. Sometimes the crazier shops are all people learning really have access too, which kind of stinks.


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      You could take an online course and buy some of Jodi Murphys dvd's. They are excellent. Also, Notes From The Grooming Table. This is a book every groomer should have. Where there's a will there's a way. A grooming assistant is a good start. Can you be moved up to groomer when you're ready? If that's the only opportunity in your area, maybe you should stay and work your way up.


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        Are you looking to start your own business or do you want to work for someone else?


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          Oh thank you so much for all of your feedback! I think eventually I would like to own my own shop but that will take some time for now.... Right now I am just more concerned with obtaining a good start and knowing/learning the correct way of grooming.


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            scullysmom advice + wet noze advice = home run.

            You are going to have to be creative if you want "this" to work...but I can tell you right are in the right state for support and grooming friends.

            Good luck and be persistent. Keep coming back here if you have questions, and take what you need from the responses.
            Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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              I am a grooming assistant and it is great. Eventually they(the company I work for) will send me to grooming school. I think I will just buy some learn to groom DVD's and books and try to start to learn on my own. I will more than likely have to stay with the company I am with but today really rocked my world...
              What is WAPP? and how often do they have this and where is it?


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                Originally posted by NordicSpitzSven View Post
                What is WAPP? and how often do they have this and where is it?
                WAPPS is a professional pet styling organization in Wisconsin. It is marvelous and usually meets around once a month for something. Very good people. There used to be an association in Minnesota, but it very much lost steam along the way and I am not sure if it is still active. Most of the meetings are right around Madison. If your on the ND side of North MN, probably too far, but if you are on the WI side, it could really be very worth while. Either way, it is a great organization and worth belonging to regardless of distance


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                  Another question from new member

                  I have the opportunity to take a dog grooming course at SC School of Dog Grooming in Irmo SC or NYC Dog Grooming in Manhattan. They vary with time frame, cost and criteria. I just don't know how to determine which is better. Can anyone help me?
                  Thank you.


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                    Hi MN girl. I'm also a MN girl. I ran into the same problems as you did. Nobody wanted to train and the ones who would were rude and the nearest school was two hours away. I finally went to school in Brooklyn Center and it was the best decision ever. I ended up opening my own shop after school. While I wouldn't recommend that for everone it worked out for me. I would tell you to stay at the place were you are. No matter were you work you will be left out on your own so no place is going to be better or worse then the other. Its just that you may get a lot of **** from local groomers. But who really cares what they think. This board is great and you will get alot of support right here. Don't worry you will learn plenty right were you are plus the bonus is you probably get an hourly wage and health insurance plus free training it really is a great deal. Just remember dog grooming is really hands on learning so as long as you are working you will learn. Watch videos go to shows and ask questions. I have really learned just form reading old post and asking questions. Good Luck

                    P.S if you can go to WAAPS you will love it.
                    PM me if you want to ever talk