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  • Renting a Business

    Do any of you rent a space within a building that rents space to other groomers? There is a place opening in Orlando, FL that is doing this. For a monthly rent you own your own business they include all utilities, major equipment, receptionist, phone line(s), credit card machine as well as cleaning supplies and office supplies.

    All the groomer has to do is bring their own tools and consumables grooming products (quick stop, ear cleaner, etc). They set their own hours and work days and prices. Each groomer provides an appointment book (if they want to) to the receptionist and she can book appointments for them and walk-in clients are given to the groomers on a rotation basis.

    I thought this sounded like a good deal, especially since starting your own business can be so costly as well as this being a great way to build someones client base.

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    how much are they charging the groomers for rent? If it includes all that you mentioned, it would have to be fairly high...I would think??


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      This is technically called booth rental. You may be responsible for your own sales taxes as well as any city requirements such as permits, insurance etc. You might want to read the contract very closely. These situations usually work out well for established groomers with following, If you did your own advertising with coupons including your name/or business name that might help increase your client load. Good luck,,


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        $350 per week or $1500 per month.