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Discouraged...remember me???!!!

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  • Discouraged...remember me???!!!

    I just wanted to give you all an update. A few months back I was having a really hard time with my career change and becoming a dog groomer. I posted a thread entitled, "Discouraged" and I could not believe what support and encouragement I got from all of you that posted replies. I even would get up early before going into the shop and re-read some of the posts to get me through the day. I appreciate all the kind words.

    I wanted to let you all know that you were right. Practice. Patience. Practice. Experience. Practice. Not being so hard on myself. Practice. Take my time and do it right. Practice.

    Well, this week I (without any help of my mentor) groomed 2 bichons, a wheaton, yorkie, cockapoo, and about 8 other "trim ups" and "clean feet & face" dogs. I AM DOING IT! I was so discouraged a few months ago and I wanted to thank you all again. I don't think I could have stuck with it without your support. I am still extremely slow but I am doing pretty well--not perfect but well. I know there is still a lot of room for improvement but (see paragraph 2) practice, practice....

    Thanks again and I hope I can return the favor to someone else in my position some day.


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    Congrats on your success. And it is success, even though you say you're slow and have a ways to go. The speed will come in it's own time. And don't forget, while there's always room for improvement, they're never perfect.


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      I'm so glad you stuck with it! As you learn your speed will pick up, don't be in too much of a hurry to be able to do it as fast as the next groomer, do it at your own pace.
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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        Glad things are going better. Keep your chin up and keep practiceing :-)


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          Good news

          Glad you stuck it out and kept practicing, practicing, practicing. Just keep it up and as you said, you are doing it. Congratulations. And thanks for letting us know.
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            I am so glad it is working out for you!!! If you can, take before and after picts so you can look at them down the road and really SEE the improvememnts you have made. Let us know how things are going and don't hesitate to ask more questons, we love to play!!
            SheilaB from SC


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              It's so frustrating to realize that most customers have no idea how much effort and talent goes into our work....and that talent didn't happen overnight!!! Good for you, things will only get better.


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                Wow I totally remember My first time out on My own.

                I had apprentised In T.x and at the shop after 6 months the owner and head groomer would still not even give me bath dogs to do on My own ( they didnt want to have to pay me).
                So I quit! I went to work as a bather for minuim wage even though I could groom from start to finish. The only thing other then bathing and cleaning kennels I would get asked to do was help to control all the aggressive little dogs while the "groomers, groomed them" .

                Lucky 12 weeks later My Husband got orders to go to Germany.When I got in the country I started to network about My grooming. Boy the first few went so bad I was so scared! I had no table I was putting dogs on peoples counters and grooming them there, Hair flying all over clean dishes and kitchens!!!

                But as I got more and more clients and practiced things really took off!

                Now 6 years later een if I am in the middle of a move I know I can pick up scissors or the clippers and it is just like I have not missed a day.

                SO We all know what it is like to all of a sudden be out on your own, and you too will keep that in your mind and when other new groomers come you will also pass along the confidence for them to build on!


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                  I was thinking of you yesterday

                  It's good to hear from you. I was on the board yesterday and wondering how you were doing. I was thinking about posting a thread asking you how it was going but I was having trouble with my computer. Congratulations on your newest accomplishments.

                  I'm glad you feel better about your progress and skills and it only gets better and better.


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                    congratulations!!! You are doing it!! I am just starting out, am finishing up an online course, have a groomer willing to apprentice me!! I am so excited, and actually the other newbies make me feel alot better cuz then I know I am not so alone any more. You more experienced groomers are also encouraging though, and very knowledgeable!! So thanx to all the newbies and not-so-newbies out there!!


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                      I still call for help. When I come across a problem or a dog I have never done I ask here and call my friend that tought me to groom. If she is available and not far away, she will drive to me and walk me through it.
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                        Originally posted by c.c. View Post
                        It's so frustrating to realize that most customers have no idea how much effort and talent goes into our work....and that talent didn't happen overnight!!! Good for you, things will only get better.
                        That is so true, cc, so true.

                        Betty, it will still be an up and down process, but let me tell you, one day it will just "hit" you and you'll realize, "Here I am!" You'll have arrived.

                        Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that it will be the end of the road and you've made it (that's one of the "UPs" of grooming), there is always more to learn. That is why I never get bored!

                        Congrats on your success, it only gets better.

                        Tammy in Utah
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                          I'm so happy that things are going better for you. And it sounds like you're able to relax and actually enjoy what you're doing. You'll do great!