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    Hi all, new to board but found the cutest scrubs today with doggies all over and for 6 bucks while at Dollar General picking up cleaning supplies, never know what they will have always different and another DG 6 miles away doesnt even carry any lol, just thought I would share BTW love this board and you all have some of the greatest tips

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    Welcome Lori!

    I know the scrubs you are talking about, my instructor bought a bunch of them too!

    I agree, this is a great site to learn new and interesting things!


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      Were they the regular scrub material? I can use scrub pants but the shirts just collect the dog hair.


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        Are they nylon or some other kind of blend? If they're not nylon, the hair tends to stick...I used to go home COVERED in hair!

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          lol Tammy, when I was in grooming school I wore scrubs, the table was set approximately at my belly button, so by the end of the day, there was a solid stripe of hair across my stomach right at my belly button! My parents just visited and brought old clothes with them, including all my scrubs, the tops are going to the salvation army. lol


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            I saw those scrubs at my DG and thought they were cute too. They are some kind of blend that would be okay for grooming. The only problem is that my DG seems to only order the large sizes. It is so rare that I find something there that I like that is in a small or xsmall.
            SheilaB from SC


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              cute scrubs

              they are 55/45 cotton/poly I wear a smock usually but forgot on sat, just used hv to blow it off


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                I have some old scrubs,, I was wondering how many times you'd have to wash them to make them slick enough for hair not to stick.. nylon for me..


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                  what? where is dollar general/

                  I am from NJ so i might not even have one near me, but where are dollar generals?