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Sharpening Clipper Blades?

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  • Sharpening Clipper Blades?

    We have a grooming shop in our home south of Oneida, NY. It is half way between Syracuse and Utica. We have been in business about a year and our blades are getting dull all at once. Can anyone suggest someone that will sharpen our blades locally? If not, who do you guys send your blades to? Thanks for your help! Business is good! Spring is almost here!!!

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    Look on the left side of the page and scroll down until you see the Blade Guyz. Jeff and Tim are awesome sharpeners, great service, fast turn around time. You won't be sorry.


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      OH MY GOSH, I LOVE ONEIDA!! I used to live there, and of the 5 cities I lived in while living in NY, Oneida was my FAVORITE!!!!! I MISS THAT PLACE LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

      Ok, back to topic. The Blade Guyz are awesome, Jeff is nearest you (NorthernTails sharpening) in PA, so maybe try him. I just got my scissors sharpened by Tim (Love's Sharpening) and they are like new!!!!!!

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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        Jeff is in Michigan.

        Tim Love............... Love's Sharpening
        123 A Hwy 80 E., #3

        Clinton, MS 601-529-1973


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          Clipper Blade Sharpening

          There is a small family runn buisness in NC that sharpens clipper blades and shears. They do great work, the do work for groomers of the local pet smarts and petcos in the area. They ,from what i gather have been getting clients form all over the US. You can check them out at to see what they have to offer and if it is what you are looking for.