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Pet safe Hair color??

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  • Pet safe Hair color??

    Does anyone know of any pet safe hair coloring products? Someone had asked me if manic panic was ok to use I assumed it wasn't but after looking at their website it looks like other groomers are using it. What do you think Although the site says it wasn't intended for animal use people are still using it and seem to be having postive results. Have you used it if so how were your results? Any precautions? Any other priducts out there maybe i don't know about you could recommend? I know there is also pet esthe but they do not ship to the US at this time.


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    I know that a lot of groomers on here use manic panic. There are also other things too. Use the search feature on the top of the page, and you will find several posts about animal hair coloring
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      I have never ventured into coloring, but I think it would be fun!! I have heard that Kool-Aid works well...There was a post of a green poodle dye job not very long ago with koolaid. He turned out really cute and was green from topknot to toe. Like rapuzzled said too, you can always use the search at the top to find the right posts in case you don't get what you're looking for here. Good luck!


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        I also have used manic panic.. Its safe...I havent used anything else except many years ago another groomer reccomended kool aid... I will never use it again and my kids are not allowed to drink it... It took 3 weeks to come off my tub even with several bleachings.... and it didnt look that great anyhow


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          Many groomers use Manic Panic without problems. The only thing to keep in mind is that it's not labled for use on animals, so there is a liability issue. If you're willing to assume the risk, which seems to be minimal, go for it.


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            Ditto to what Helly said.

            Here is a dog I dyed, but he was much brighter than what you see in the photo, though I don't know why:


            I used Manic Panic, and like Helly said it is not labeled for use on pets, but it is not peroxide based, it is flower extracts and such...

            This dog washed out in maybe 3-4 washings (owner bathes at home too), and the color really faded fast, didn't get on the furniture etc.

            I tried it on a dog before this one and it made a HUUUUGE mess. So the second time around (on the dog in photos), I towel dried VERY WELL after bathing, then applied the manic panic, put the dog in a kennel, and let him sit for 40 min. or so. You may wish to line your kennel with something in the case of the dog shaking, it will dye everything with sprinkles of colors that take time to remove.

            Good luck.

            Tammy in Utah
            PS: I put lubricant made for the eyes in this dog's eyes just in case---I work at an animal hospital so it is readily available.
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