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  • Hi!

    Hi Everyone! I've been reading your threads for awhile now and have learned alot. I need your opinions on something, and I think I'll probably be able to decide what to do from whatever you all share... I apprenticed with someone a few summers ago. She was great and I learned so much. I was able to even go out on my own part time and did so for one and a half years. Well, I didn't do so well financially. In fact I think this year on my taxes, I actually made maybe ...oh I don't know...$50.? All my customers were supportive and loved my grooming. They didn't go anywhere else and I'm still stopped on the street and called to see when I'm going to start again. I had to stop because
    I just wasn't making any money. I think I charged to little. (my average was $ - $) Anyway, to make a long story short ( late!) My husband thinks that it's a waste of my time to groom. Maybe he's right. There's no place to rent around here. ( I live in a small town - 1800 in county in KS) I thought about going mobile...but that's too expensive for me right now. I also am teaching in two different schools. Help. Any info or opinions would be so appreciated. Thanks again!

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    Hi, im new to this forum to. Money seems to be the major issue w/me also. I suppose everyone. I want to go mobile, but unsure if I can afford. So Im working on a business plan to see where I stand, what I need and or how much I have to save or even ask for. Having a plan is a good way to help you reach your goal. Even if you don't start your own business right away at least you'll be informed and knowledge is power.

    If a grooming business is your "dream," then your hubby needs to understand that and help you make your dream come true. You would do it for him, right? Serious coversations. To me, life is about being happy, so do what makes you happy or at least have goals to reach that happy place. Have you considered moving? Do you have family that could help you financially?

    Once my business plan is done, Im going to meet w/a professional at the uw small business developement center and they will assist me in making my dream job come true. See if you have business developement help, maybe the SBA. Go to your state's website and you should find lists of resources for women entrepreneurs. You are considered a minority being a women and there are loans and grants for us. Check it out!!

    My only advice about continuing to groom where you are is, if you enjoy it and have the time, do it. Maybe charge more to make it more worth your time and if your client's love your work then they wont mind paying more. Good luck to you.


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      Groom on the weekends, charge more, and give them what they're paying for. That way you can do your regular job, plus make a little money on the sides. Groom in your home, in your garage. That's the only suggestion I have...or, work part time in a salon/shop in your area. Saturdays are usually busy days for groom salons, so maybe they'd need an extra hand?

      Good luck!

      Tammy in Utah
      PS: You didn't mention where you groomed before where you didn't charge enough.
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        Hi Guys!
        Thanks for the support and advice! I appreciate it. Can you make any money at grooming? I am the only groomer in town and actually the area of Kansas that I live has very few groomers. However, that also means that people bring their dogs in once or twice a year. That's it. I am living in the same town as I was grooming. One more question...Would a mobile grooming service work if it went to different towns...say once or twice a month? There are several towns within a 30 miles radius that are definitely bigger. Thanks for any insight!