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  • New York School Choices

    Does anyone have any information about the NYC schools? I have been exploring both of the schools that are in the city and have heard mixed reviews for one school and nothing about the other academy. I am needing to make a decision and choose one but I do need some advice. Please let me know what you know.

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    new york school of dog grooming

    I attended New York School Of Dog Grooming.And I found the experiemce very good. I learned alot and they were very nice.....Hope this helps


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      I live in NYC and choose instead to travel to Nash Academy-NJ. Took me less than 1/2 hr. every morning taking the bus from Port Authority which left me off right in front of the school. If you have a car it will take you less time to get there from the city. PM me if you want mor info.


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        I thought the NYS of grooming it open again?


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          New York School Choices

          I went to NY school of dog grooming in 1980. It was very good then. The one thing I remembered was the instructor telling us was that it was just a beginning. After I graduated I spent alot of time at dog shows - took 32 weeks of handling and obedience classes and worked for a vet. All of the schools are just a beginning - I hope you find the one thats right for you.


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            nys schools

            Thanks everyone for your useful feedback. I am going down to NYC in a few days to check out the NYSDG and the American School of Dog Groomming, down the street. I also plan to check out Rochester (and plan to meet up with a fellow groomer from the boards. Yea!

            I will have to see what they offer or not. I hope I ask the right questions!



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              NYSDG is famous, never heard of the other, but that doesn't mean it isn't good. If you can make it to Nash academy, NJ, GO THERE!

              Tammy in Utah
              Groomers Helper Affiliate