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  • getting business started

    What do you have to have to get your pet grooming business started like what kind of permits or license I'm thing my trainer only had to get a business permit. thanks

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    Check with....

    your city, county and state officials. Go to their websites and they will tell you all the necessary info you need. Also, have you purchased the book, "From Problems to Profits". Its a wonderfuly book, full of things that I did not think of and went into greater details on the things I thought I knew. This book is a resource book because you can read it over and over and still pick up on some great material. Also, on this board, go to the old threads and do a search for just about anything you want to know about business and grooming. Go into the main menu and you can research business info there as well. There is also Groom in the Box (that is my next purchase) in order to create your business plan which you will need even if you are not looking for financing, its a great tool and map to follow.

    My official start date is March 1, 2007 but I have already secured a couple of clients. This board is a great source as well as this website period. None of the grooming websites I have been on has the wealth of information that this one has. The groomers who come on this board have been a God-Send to me because there are questions and ideas that I get confused about and they seem to have the answers. And everyone is so helpful!

    My mother always said "A closed mouth is never fed" so just keep asking. LOL!!
    I know I was rambling on but I hope I helped you even if it was just a little bit.


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      I just ordered the book problems to profits, I should get it in the mail monday or tuesday. goodluck on your business let me know how fast it grows.