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What would you have done differently?

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  • What would you have done differently?

    A friend and I are on the verge of starting a new grooming business. My question is this....what do you wish you had done differently when you started your business, or if you're working for someone else, what do you wish they had done differently?

    I have a few the salon where I work now the manager doesn't have a set day to order supplies so we run out constantly and have to use whatever concoction she comes up with (shampoo). She's in and out all day and can never be relied on to be in the salon at any specific time.

    Anything you can think of???

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    yeah, first, dont go into business w/a


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      ditto what Kim says unless you're willing to give up the friendship if anything goes wrong


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        i will third that!!...don't go into business with a friend. we did that with 3 people, 2 of us were pretty much equal in talent, ethics,etc. us 2 got along fine, but the third was a beginner 'know it all' with a horrible attitude. i eventually moved on as the KIA drove me to it. and eventually my friend who stayed behind was run of also. the girl with the attitude ended up calling us back because she eventually ran off all the business, i had moved out of the area and the other girl went back and got the business back on track. let me tell you, it sounds good financially..but in our case it was a nightmare!!!


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          I have never started a biz with a friend but i do have to agree with these girls. The issue with the shampoo is just foolish. Sounds like bad management to me. Poorly run shop. Clear plan on paper and a set course for inplementing proper management.
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            Maybe I should clarify...

            The friend I'm speaking of has been a groomer for 20+ years. I had wanted to start my own grooming business but I don't have the experience or wisdom that comes with years of grooming. I DO, however, have the money and extra room in the form of double car garage in a great location.

            I've known the groomer for about two months and she's as fed up with the business we work for as I am. We get along great (so far) and I'm willing to work with her when it comes to how to run the business. After that many years in the grooming business she's picked up on the things that work and things that don't.

            I can see that things could go horribly wrong, but I can also see them go wonderfully right for both of us. It's a chance I'm willing to take.

            I've been looking at the business in a box and other business starting 'devices' (don't know what else to call them, you know, books, cd's, dvd's, workbooks). I can and do groom, but have to be 'watched' and checked on often and I'm not confident enough to be on my own yet. The friend I'm working with is teaching me in the shop we're in now and will continue to teach me when we have our own shop.

            Yeah, I'm hoping for the best, working for the best, and knowing the whole thing could crash and burn, but what fun is not trying?


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              Ok, there is a future problem there. for one she does have 20 years exp. twom you've Only known her for two months. in a way your putting her in control of ideas and your the finacial backer. You are looking for trouble on this. My husand went into a partnership with his buddy that he had known for about 2 years. I told him. It was aflooring busniess and my husband installs and his partner was to run the shop. well he just spent money on stupid things and would go in whenever he wanted and left early everyday and my husband work 8-6 every day doing the hard labor and put all the money into the bus. well long story he could handle it and just walk away. gave the guy the bus. also I was buyng a shop from my best friend of 5 years and got the shaft for over 10k i worked for her for 5 years get to buy the shop and in turn since my name was not on the lease she locked me out. I would never do it again. know i have my salon and have my friend work for me. she can put some input in. she wanted to be my parnter but no way ive know her for 6 years and I would be the one working my butt of not her. So maybe you open the shop and let her work for you then see how things go. and maybe later down the line she can buy into the busniess. Since she would be helping build the busniess and does have 20 years give her a little more percentage or at the end of the year give her a profit and share which she'll really enjoy for her experience just a thought. I hope you consider everyone input on this cause it all goes againt the partnership maybe that telling you something....


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                My only advise, is to have a clear separation of Duty.
                That way you won't step on each others toes. Let the experienced one make most of the important decisions since she knows the ropes.
                When ego's get in the way that's when problems start happening.


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                  Friends are great but money will change you and her the more you make or if you go under. If you value your friendship say thanks but no thanks. If she is teaching you hire her to work there and pay her for her time that way when she wants to she can walk and you still have you buz and you didn`t lose nothing.


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                    If determined to work together...

                    Get it all in legal term contract as to who does what. Be job specific etc. I imagine Problems to profits woud also be a good book. I was going to buy it,but may not apply to one gal mobile operation. i sometimes listen to a radio talk show called "Money Matters". Partnership business ventures are hard to keep fair. Everyone starts out with big hopes. Just protect yourself if you decide to do it. You can't have two bosses. How is your temperment compared to hers? Who is the strongest leader? Dominent? If she is, is that ok with you? It is tricky at best. Tho' lonely...I prefer to work alone.

                    Is it me, or does this type go uphill? Hard to read and check over.


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                      I have to agree with the others, knowing someone for 2 months is NOTHING. And many OLD friendships are ruined with joint business ventures like this. I would think LONG and HARD on this one. Also, you are in a bad position with your lack of experience, like Supermutts said, you'll get the shaft in the end if you don't take some control.

                      Other than that, start out with HIGHER prices, you can always lower them, but people cry foul when you raise them. Don't cheat yourself.

                      Tammy in Utah
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                        I would get EVERYTHING in writing and a good lawyer. My hubby and I were screwed hard by a close family friend and neighbor of 10 years. Things were not in writing and he used that to his advantage. We lost over $10,000 and we were broke kids, it hurt us bad and set us back several years.

                        I would ensure that everything was in writing and if she took offense to that then that would be your beg red warning flag.

                        20 Years experience does mean alot but it is not always the best. The more I read here the more I realize that the way I was taught by someone with 20 yrs + was not correct, the best way or easier. You may have more skill then you realize.

                        I would also go to your local Community Development Centre, look into classes, courses or workshops on entrepreneauship, starting a business, etc.
                        You may think you know everything you need to know but there is so much more!

                        As much as you want to change things in the shop you are in look at why your boss does do well, she obviously does well enough to support 2 groomers, what does she do right.


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                          It isn't a true "partnership" unless you both put in equal amounts of money. I almost did the same thing you are thinking with someone that didn't have any money to invest in the business. Luckily I listened to everyone that told me it was a bad idea. If things go belly-up, you would be the only one that loses - she loses nothing except a job. It doesn't make sense unless you both equally invest in the business. It probably makes more sense to have her work for you -- just pay her what she is worth. Just because she has more experience doesn't mean she should be a full partner in something that you are paying for -- it's just to risky for you.


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                            Well, I guess we're the exception

                            My friend and I opened a shop together almost 2 years ago, she had the grooming experience and we had the money (hubby and I borrowed it anyhow). I also had the williness to step up from bathing/roughing to finish grooming. We had worked together well before at another shop. I handle the daily paperwork, answer the phones, check most of the dogs in/out and work on my grooming skills but I don't get many dogs finished. Lots of times I get dogs close and she finishes them. She does the finish grooms plus checks some dogs in/out. We hired a bather about a year into our business so I would have time to groom. We both have different skills to bring into the business, I do things she doesn't want to do and vice versa. So far no major upsets and we have to make a decision soon to renew our rental agreement on our building. So far we're going ahead to continue, we're even looking at life insurance policies on each other so if something happens to the other we can make decisions about the business without stressing. We've both said that we don't want the business w/o the other, it's our friendship that makes it work the way it does. Whatever you decide to do weigh all your options carefully and don't jump into this without lots of thought.


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                              I'm the other half

                              I'm the other half of the equation that Boxerfan is talking about--we've clicked from the start and want the same things for our business. We have the same morals--I couldn't ask for a better person to be doing this with. I know it is rare---but our friendship is what makes our work great and without her I wouldn't want to be there. We never put the other one in a position that we personally would not want to be in. We are grooming and lovin it!!