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is this table ok?

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  • is this table ok?

    So, I have a solid wood table here. I dont know if I can make it into a grooming table or not though? Obviously placing a mat on top. It would just be until I can get an actual grooming table in a couple of months. But I dont know if that is ok or not? Its just a table taking up space right now, and I planned on getting rid of it, but if I can use it for this right now, I will, just wanted any suggestions. I know, it is probably a dumb ?, but figured it can't hurt to ask. That what this site is for.

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    If it is sturdy and solid enough to hold a dog, isn't wobbly, you can attach a grooming arm to it (if you use one) and are able to move around the table easy enough....why not? Just get a mat to put on top of it. It will work for now until you can get a good electric or hydraulic.
    And if you want to make your own hydraulic and save a few bucks, I think Spikey the Yorkie made her own..if she reads this, maybe she will post a pic of it. And no question is dumb...ask away!


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      heck a nice wooden table that isnt going to fall over if a dog decides to try and make that leap of faith is well worth it! even if you decide to buy a new table if you ever plan on owning your own shop someday (if you dont already) you can always use this for your bathing room table. as long as you can attach a grooming arm to it your good to go!


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        If you only do a few dogs a day, should be ok...but as soon as you can afford it, try and get a table that you can adjust the height on. this is important for two reasons: 1. It will save your back! You don't want to have to bend over too far to do little dogs or stretch into an uncomfortable reach to do big ones and 2. you don't ever want to find your face directly at mouth or eye level of a dog. It is provocative and can lead to an unexpected bite....