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  • Any Washingtonians?

    Is there anyone who has any knowledge about the two grooming schools in Washington state? I'm planning on touring both of them soon but was hoping someone had some first hand experience!!


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      Right now I'm in Pullman (Eastern WA) until I graduate in December. From there I plan on going to one of the two grooming schools, so I'll be in the Seattle-ish area from there on. I saw the mention of the PNW expo and marked it on my calendar... I've never been to one and don't know what to expect. It's 3 days long, I'm assuming there's something new each day? I'm also assuming there's an entrance fee of some sort? When is the author of the books coming to Seattle? You've found her books helpful? It sounds like a good event to attend, and I can pick up the books too


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        Its not in Washington but I attened Tara Lara in Portland, Or. I dont know their contact info but it was a wonderfull school when I atteneded.
        Good luck!


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          I know a school by Seattle

          I used to live in Puyallup and I was looking into a school that is in Lynnwood. It may even be outside of Lynnwood, I can't remember exactly what city it was in. Anyways, as far as I know it is a pretty good school, The instructors are very knowledable. If I remember corectly the tuition is $5,000.00. They also offer refresher courses. The school is conected to a pet store so you get alot of walk-ins.


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              Hi Candi,

              I attended Mission Ridge Pet Styling Academy in Marysville. It is a great school. The other school is Masers in Kenwood. I checked out each school in detail and picked Mission Ridge because of:

              #1 Cleanliness
              #2 the owner (Sheryl) will bend over backwards to help with financing etc. and she is super sweet.

              #3 Her grooming instructor is wonderful
              #4 cleanliness I repeat this (pm me and I will tell you more)
              #5 close to my home (not a huge priority since I was willing to go anywhere for school)
              #6 If I ever need help they are just a phone call away or I can drive down to the school

              It was the best experience that I have ever had. I changed careers at age 50 and had my doubts but they made it fun, educational, I learned a ton and left school with enough confidence to open my own shop.

              Good Luck
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                Hi, well a lot of them are here in CA. right now Hehehe, Burbank, and then we are at Disney Land for a few days!

                More later, gotta run DL is just about to open! (second childhood happening here!)



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                  Hi, sorry, I thought you were talking groomers...grooming schools, I think have been suggested...Masers in Kenwood, and Mission Ridge in Marrysville...