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    I'm new to this. I'm takinga course home study--much of the stuff I already knew. However its the certain cuts that are a little scary and I know it will take practice. I decided to take this course since I have 3 Great Pyrs and to help the less fortunate dogs waiting for adoption.

    My question is what are the shears that I need for different breeds? I have a big one that was sent to me and over the years have gotten a few.

    Also I took this course, last year my pyr had very bad allergies. I brought her to an groomer to be shaved down. However on her hips and neck the hair never grew back the vet said the groomer damaged the layer of skin. So also with this information I decided to do my own. They all look great except for the one with the bald spots. She now has to wear a coat since she is 14 and bald in the hips and neck.

    How could this have been prevented. All my pyrs have excellent coats no matts.


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    damaged skin

    How exactly did your vet say the groomer damaged the skin? Did she take skin off? Are the spots literally bald or just sparse?
    Sorry I know I'm not completely staying on topic here - but curious.