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Need a advice on a dryers...

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  • Need a advice on a dryers...

    I have an old second hand, ready to die, Oster table dryer, with a homemade stand to it is kinds now stand dryer...
    I am opening my shop in 3 weeks and need something better. I have a limited budget, and I am in Canada (most of the US suppliers have great prices but for shipping and duty it is too expensive, as is Ebay)

    So...I am looking at two dryers...Oster stand dryer (similar to rigged one) and Edmeco Best in SHow. I relaize both are not top quality but i need something for finishing to last me till the summer.
    ANy suggestions or comments on either?

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    i love my oster table/cage dryer. i have it attached to a stand on wheels so i can move it around.


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      DO you? I find I cannot aim it more centrally to the feet as I would like. (if that makes sense), not bad for my yorkies but poodles are a nightmare.


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        I highly reccomend searching fo the K9II or the airforce which is at least comparible to the k9 you may find them a little on the higher priced but you may be able to find one at a lower rate if you do alot of price comparing.the k9 will be your best investment that will out last and perform many other types or brands of dryer used for all coat types .


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          Not in Canada, we do not have very many companies to choose from, and price shopping is not easy.

          I envy you guys in the states! SO many companies to choose from! I would order from the US but duty and shipping kills us!


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            love my k9!

            It would be a good investment and you won't be sorry if you get a k9 dryer. I love mine so much and makes a big difference in drying time. It has 2 motors. We have 2 of them. it is costly but well worth it. Try it youll like it!