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    I looked for some thread about this type of thing but couldn't find one. I will finish grooming school in May and wonder if any of you who worked at a Petsomething kind of place where you follow their policies ever had a problem using your own equipment. I mean things like the Groomers Helper. I have watched the groomers in the windows of these places and I have yet to see a groomers helper. Seems like there is lots of good equipment on the market made to make you safer or save time on your groom. I know the lady that groomed at the Vet office where I worked did whatever she wanted. She had to supply her own equipment, but when you look in the fish bowl world of the groomers out in stores, they seem to all use the same thing.


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    They will probably have a policy regarding this--whether it's allowed or not I wouldn't know


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      wrong impression?

      You'll have to check with the individual store. I don't recall a policy, but I do recall a problem with the LIPS system, something about giving the public the "wrong" impression or something. The groomers helper could unfortunatly give the wrong idea [to the public] if you had a sturggling dog...the policy used to be if you had a hard to handle dog, you were to take it to the bathing room to work on it. But that was a long time ago, (10 years, when I was a groom shop manager at a petsomething).


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        I'm not a hundred percent certain but I believe you can not use a groomers helper. Due to the fact people can see you and it's not visually pleasing. I read that on a previous thread but again I'm not a hundred percent on it.


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          Groomers Helper® is allowed at the PetSomethings


          We have hundreds of groomers using the Groomers Helper® Pet Safety System in PetSomthingCo and PetSomthingSmart. PetSomthingCo has authorized all it Pet Stylists to be able to purchase and use the Groomers Helper® is all their stores. We are now working with PetSomthingSmart to acomplish the same for all of their groomers.

          In PetSomthingSmart it is up to the individual store manager and grooming manager. If you look on my website we have a testimonials from PetSomthingSmart and PetSomthingCo groomers. Even on PetGroomer.Com many PetSomthingCo and PetSomthingSmart groomers spoke of useing their Groomers Helper® in their stores check the old posts.

          Perception is that the pet is safer since they cannot fall off the table, jump off the table, back off the table or hang themselves. It pulls the loop away from the trechea making it safer for the pet. In PetSomthingCo® the velcro is no longer needed when using the Groomers Helper® System because they cannot fall off the table so nothing is needed to release them.

          The Groomers Helper® Pet Safety System is precieved as the groomers safety belt preventing injury to the pet as well as the groomer. It is the natural extension of the grooming loop.

          The Groomers Helper® works with the natural instincts of the pet. It empowers new groomers because they are not worried about being bitten. They are more confident and the pet precieves their confidence and calms to become a member of their pack. You do not need to be agressive to be dominant, you need to be confident.

          The Groomers Helper® was originally invented as the Alpha Lock to be used in conjunction with the Gentle Leader® the number one training collar in the world today. The inventor of the Gentle Leader® Dr. R.K. Anderson has been Honered by The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC with their highest award for inventing The Gentle Leader® that works with the dogs natural instinct for play. The Groomers Helper® Pet Safety System works in the same manner.

          I know that the Groomers Helper will be able to assist you when you are ready to start grooming professionally at a PetSomthing. Good Luck!



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            I have to add, the Groomer's Helper is so small and inconspicuous, people watching through the window don't even notice it. It's certainly less conspicuous than having two people restrain a dog to have it's nails clipped.

            I worked at one of the other petsomethings, and used my Groomer's Helper all the time. Not one person complained about it. Most never noticed it unless I pointed it out. Even now, working in a private shop, I take owners back to tour the grooming facilities, and point out the GH and explain it's safety features. Owners think it's a grand idea.


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              Trying to get my foot in the door at a local grooming school to demonstrate it. I'm hoping to get the opportunity to show them how much safer the dog and the groomer is with using the groomers helper. I think it would be a GREAT asset for use in grooming schools!!


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                Originally posted by Jengroomer View Post
                Trying to get my foot in the door at a local grooming school to demonstrate it. I'm hoping to get the opportunity to show them how much safer the dog and the groomer is with using the groomers helper. I think it would be a GREAT asset for use in grooming schools!!
                Offer them food. Tell 'em you'll spring for the pizzas if they give time for a short demonstration.


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                  I am starting at Petco tomorrow and will get my grooming education through them. I am glad to say I was told I could get a discount on the groomers helper through them if I were interested. This was while I was being shown around the salon. This made me very happy and I am so getting one!


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