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    Please give me your definition to the following cuts. Around here, every groomer seems to have their own idea of what they are and it makes me confused. I've added my own definition.

    Puppy Cut - Face, feet, tail or under tail, & belly. Body and legs long and scissored.

    Teddy Bear - F,F,T,B Body/legs can be any length but is the same lenght all over. I seldom do one over 3/4".

    Also (can't remember name, it's early here) - FFTB Body shorter (usually #5,#4 or 1/2" clip on) legs scissored or about 2 lenghts longer then body.


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    Puppy Cut - You will find a vast difference, a puppy cut on a poodle is totally different than on any other dog. When we refer to puppy cut at our salon we mean - follow the conture of the body but leave it about 1/2 -1" all over.

    Teddy Bear - This is a definition we use strictly for the head.

    Also (can't remember name, it's early here) - FFTB Body shorter (usually #5,#4 or 1/2" clip on) legs scissored or about 2 lenghts longer then body. - This we call a Kennel clip.

    And a STRIP- is complete shave down T2T (tip of nose to tip of tail).


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      Puppy cut - for a poodle is FF sanitary- that's it. Other puppy cut is as Gracy Rose stated for me too.

      Teddy Bear - for me is also same length all over with Tebby Bear face

      What does the FF(TB) stand for? I know what FF is but can't figure out the TB.
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        This is a pet peeve of mine, here are all the ones I've used/heard of:

        FFT/Mini-groom: Face, feet, tail, sanitary, nails, ears, bath, brushing.

        Puppycut: I tell owners different groomers call different clips puppy cuts, today I had a near-full coated yorkie and the guy asked for a puppy cut, when all he wanted was a FFT (Face, feet, tail)

        Strip:#10-#4 all over

        Teddy bear/Panda: Same as puppy cut, usually ends up being a boot clip maybe with longer legs than the body. It can also be a short cut on a pomeranian where the head is left round like a teddy bear.

        Ewok: Yorkies with a modified schnauzer pattern.

        Beagle: #10 or #7 (usually on a cocker), including ears.


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          I've always thought of a puppy cut as same length all over, but usually kinda fluffy or fuzzy. No idea about the teddy bear or strip. I work for someone who shows dogs, so most of her clients get breed specific trims. Even when my boss says shave down, she may mean that the legs get left a little longer. I'm not too familiar with "petzy trims" as my boss calls them. I'll have to learn them if I get to go mobile, since that's probably what I'll deal with.


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            I gave up on 'names' ages ago. So many different ones for the same thing-too confusing to the clients. I do my own code names on the cards so I know what I did for the pet. I let the client tell me just what they want-length, etc.

            My Teddy Bear is a body clippered smooth with scissor legs -no poo feet/ teddy bear feet round and cylinder legs like a teddy bear looks.

            Kennel Clip-for poodles basically same as TB but with poo feet.

            Puppy Cut is a fluffy cut all over-length to owners choosing. On a cocker, puppy cut is legs scissored to desired length.
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              I have also given up on cut names to avoid confusion. For new clients, I recommend they come in 15 minutes early to fill out the required paperwork as well as to discuss their and their pet's needs. I use a small clear ruler to be sure we agree on the approximate length I'm cutting off and/or leaving on their pet. I also use a form with the outline of a dog and space to indicate what the owner wants and where, which the owner then signs and dates. I've found this simple form comes in real handy if someone thinks they gave different instructions earlier in the day. When all is said and done, these forms are filed so I can refer back to them along with the before and after photos I take and keep. Parts of matted pelts are also bagged and filed.


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                Great Info! Thanks.

                Nicole, The form with the outline of a dog is a great idea, thanks.

                I once had two cockers come in on the same day, with different owners, both asked for "The Sportsman Clip". "HUH?", I said. They had both come from a groomer who had moved. This groomer had given cutsie names to all her cuts. Thank goodness one of the clients knew that The Sportman Clip was a cocker clip with a#5 on the skirts. Though, I don't see the point in setting the pattern if you can barely see it. Seems like a waste of time to me.



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                  I have alot of customers that ask for puppy, kennel, summer, and shave downs. If they ask for a lets say puppy clip. I usually respond by saying there are alot of different ways groomers do puppy clips..would you like it like this? And I have photos they can look at to pick the style they want. And ask the customer how they want everything. Face, legs, feet and length of coat on the body. That way they aren't suprised and there is no confusion. (Use a ruler) I haven't tried that, but that's a great idea. I usually just use my finger to ask how long they want the coat.


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                    To determine desired length, I keep an inexpensive sewing seem gauge in the shop. It is a simple calibrated ruler that has a slide bar which can be set at different lengths. They about 5 inches long and are also useful when you want to hand scissor at longer lengths. The gauge can be set for a quick check of scissored hair length.


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                      As Kim mentioned "Summer" to us that means Breed specific style with a shorter blade.


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                        "As Kim mentioned "Summer" to us that means Breed specific style with a shorter blade." -Gracy Rose

                        See, a "summer cut" where I've worked before has usually meant a strip, not breed specific style. To further confuse matters, sometimes a "summer cut" would be referring to a long-time client's particular preference of how they want the dog shaved in warmer months.

                        Here's my take. You wouldn't walk in to your hairdresser's and say, "I want a Halle Berry, summer cut" and expect them to know what the heck you want. For one thing, Halle Berry is constantly changing her style (and likely stylists, too), so which particular look of her's is it that you want? Bringing in a picture of the particular look you want is helpful, but then your hair might not be able to hold that style and furthermore, will you look right with that style framing your face? This is why I take the time to discuss options with every client and fill out the aforementioned form with them at every appointment for every dog.


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                          When I lived up north people would ask for a hunters cut. They meant shaved down completely. Also when i learned to groom the trim with the fluffy legs and shaved back was a daisy. When I moved down south customer would say to me " the last groomer gave her a puppy/teddy bear trim." ok so what does a p/t.b. trim mean to you? "oh, what, don't you know how to do that trim? Grrr....


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                            When we have new clients and they call a clip a certain name we just have them explain what the dog looks like. Give us approximate lengths and we try our best. We've never had anyone unhappy. Talking about the puppy cut, I have a new poodle coming in next week and they asked for a shaved puppy cut!! Poodle puppy cuts mean fluffy!!


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                              each groomer or shop has their own defenitions of cuts or trims
                              each cut is very much basic for the breed at least IME it will vary for each shop or groomer

                              to me other than the true poodle clip puppy cut it will be based on breed or breed resemblance.
                              each pet owner has their own idea of what a puppy should look like when i think of puppy cut I think of puppyish in appearance .
                              this can be any length depending on owners preference.

                              as for breed standards we have a reg cut such as: cockers , springers westies , cairnes ,porties, ect .each breed has a particular style recognized by breed standards these tend to be more so of the sporting and terrier breeds.
                              each cut can be modified by owners desires
                              then you have your field cuts ,each can also be modified for owners preference

                              when a client comes to me and request a puppy cut i find it much easier to ask(by show of finger length) how much hair would they left on the dog not how much to remove