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Online JKL Dog grooming Training Academy Questions

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  • Online JKL Dog grooming Training Academy Questions

    Hi i'm Corena. New to the dog grooming career. I have some questions regarding the online JkL Dog grooming Training Academy coarse. I really want to learn how to be a dog groomer and am wondering what people think of this coarse. Are you getting the material you pay for. Does anyone here own a dog grooming business who took this course. It sounds good. I have done alot of research and just want to know peoples opinions.

    Stephen: Be sure to try the Search, this has been asked many many times, but of course, anyone is welcome to answer too.

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    If you do take the course try very, very hard to work under someone else as an apprectice.

    You can do it this route but it is very, very difficult.

    In our area we have not had a groomer with just an online education ever stay in business.
    But also in our area there is a lot of competition, and a lot of groomers with quite a bit of training and who are very good.


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      This is what I used...

      Good course and I received all the others have said though, you HAVE to apprentice under someone unless you have access to a whole bunch of different breeds to practice on but even then who's to say you're doing it right?? I can't believe my first few I did...I thought they looked great! Now I look back and think..."what in the heck was I thinking?? lol I wish I could have done groom school but my situation didn't allow it at the time so this worked for me. Right after finishing, I found myself buying a kennel that had a groom room and the previous owner stayed on for a month to transition. THis helped me becuz I was so new at the whole thing and I walked into a full clientele day one. I did very well while I owned the kennel and I am doing very well now (5 years later) with my mobile business I started in '08. So, I guess my point is that it CAN be done but you need to be very disciplined to make yourself learn and not afraid to ask for help and find someone that will check your work, critique and offer suggestions to improve. JMHO