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grooming shows in Canada? 2010?

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  • grooming shows in Canada? 2010?

    Hey guys and gals,,

    Does anyone know of any grooming shows / expos in Central or Eastern Canada this year? or is there a calender of Canadian events listed anywhere?

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    Canada Grooms

    June 5, 6, 7, 2010 in Ontario. You can get information off the Pet Supply House website.


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      Think I am gonna get to Ontario this year to go to one.. hopefully! Not going to BC this year for Xmas so I'll be able to use the credit card points for a flight! So exciting =)


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        Yup, and it looks like it will be a good one! I am soooo happy Lisa Leady will be there! Melissa Verplank and Diane Betelak are great as well...


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          I will be there, too!


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            West Coast?

            Canada Grooms sounds great .I'm glad you guys get to go. Does anyone know of any shows,comps, B.C?
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              Originally posted by catgroomer View Post
              I will be there, too!
              I for one am looking forward to meeting you and learning everything I can during your seminars! Of course, I will enjoy meeting Lisa and Melissa and seeing Nancy and Diane as well.
              "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go." ~Dr. Seuss


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                I would love to go but I can't at that time of year. It's nice to see you coming up North, Danelle. I would have definitely looked forward to your seminar. In this area (I mean locally) I can't think of any groomer who does cats. It would be something I may look into getting into.


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                  I don`t groom kitties right now but my employee does, I learned in school but decided against doing it. I think mostly it`s that I don`t want to get into doing the kitties that can`t handle the grooming process. I`m really interested in the Cat grooming seminar, hopefully it`ll get me back into cat grooming.


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                    Originally posted by catgroomer View Post
                    I will be there, too!
                    Sorry Danelle! I don't groom cats - can you tell?


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                      Canada Grooms rocks!

                      Dear Groomers,

                      I will be to Canada Grooms exhibiting and presenting our new seminar. I will be looking forward to meeting all our Canadian PetGroomer.Com friends and giving out our new 3/8" smaller loop to any members. We will be posting pictures.

                      I believe that I have done all the Canada Grooms shows and we have a great time there. Michael Pollard and Darren Hewitt are gracious hosts and run a first class show and I am in the company of some great Industry Pros. I do believe that they will be having competitions for the very first time.

                      We met Colin Christie of Christies Direct in Ireland and his lovely wife Hillary at Groom Expo and he is very excited about becoming our Master Distributor in the UK and the EU. He has made his Exhibition booths both at Crufts and InterZoo available for me to demonstrate the benefits of the Groomers Helper® to Groomers in England, Ireland, and the European Union.

                      After leaving England, Ireland and Germany where I will be exhibiting at InterZoo the world's largest Pet Industry Show and doing 4 seminars in Belfast, Dublin, and two in England with Jay Scrugs and Sue Zecco, I will be flying immediately to the NDGAA's New Colorado Show in Denver where I will be exhibiting the Groomers Helper® and giving my seminar "The Land of Making Money".

                      I sponsor the competitions and will have to leave early Sunday to make Canada Grooms the next day. Boy these shows are back to back and will keep me away in England and Europe for three weeks.

                      In March we drive to the Atlanta Pet Fair and I have to leave early again on Sunday to fly Birmingham, England to do Crufts the worlds largest dog show. This will be a busy year for me.

                      The Groomers Helper® is gaining in popularity around the world and you guys have had a great impact and a lot to do with its success by posting about it. We have found a great distributor in Australia and went there with Teri DiMarino a few years back and now will be offering the Groomers Helper® to distributors around the world at InterZoo.

                      Pet Supply House in Canada has been making the Groomers Helper® available to Canadian Groomers for years and we thank them for their efforts. I always look forward to their shows. I hope to see you there.



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                        Chuck you're one busy man! Congrats to you and all your success, you deserve it for keeping us groomers sane. It will be exciting to meet you, I've been grooming for almost 3 years and have many thanks for you because of the Groomers Helper. It was one of my first big purchases. I also have the new grooming loops and love them! Looking forward to your seminar!


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                          I want to go issue is not money (I know lucky huh? believe wasn't always like that), but mine is DAYCARE! I have several SMALL babies and the two legged kind, my Dh travels, and is not home soemtimes for months at a time, so finding someone who can stay with my brood while I am gone is HARD and stressful.
                          I am going away to APF (yay! Atlanta here I come), and I won a trip to Intergroom so I will be heading to NJ this April and I am already stressing about daycare.

                          but if I could find an overnight nanny then I would be SO there! I have family and friends who have already offered to let me stay with them


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                            Ontario Dog Groomer Association is having a workshop, mini seminar and AGM April 11th in Toronto
                            It will be a small but fun event
                            Also we will be putting on a show in October this year in Ottawa.

                            Anyone wanting information, please email me at [email protected]

                            The Ottawa event is going to be a big one! So excited about this event, as that part of the province is left out of events. And it's close to Quebec as well, who is limited as well


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                              Okay I am going to Canada Grooms and competing