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possible relocation to Alberta

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  • possible relocation to Alberta

    My fiance is thinking hard about taking a job teaching in fort McMurray, Alberta in Sept. I currently own a profitable commercial salon for 2.5 years. I was wondering what kind of opportunities there could be out there. We probably would be renting so home grooming may be out of the question. Is the grooming industry booming in Fort Mac or what? Of course I would have to sell the store first, but just curious if anyone could give me some input. I would really love to get into a salon with a groomer with some experience to further my grooming skills.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Hello and welcome to the board. I live in Ontario, so I can't tell you much about Fort McMurray, but I did look on-line to learn a bit about the area. I think that with all the growth, there would be room for another groomer, this little blurb:

    "With so much work available in Fort McMurray the population has doubled, from 34,000 to 64,000 in the years since 1996. This has had a major affect on the price of housing. If you've lived or owned property in the area since before that then the price increases are welcomed. However, trying to buy into the market now can prove to be a daunting task.

    The average price of a single family home as of November 2006 was placed at approximately Can$484,000. Renting can also be an expensive venture with prices currently hovering around the $1,400 per month mark for a 2 bedroom apartment."

    A quick google found 7 grooming salons advertised. Why not try calling and getting a bit of info from them? At the very least, you could find out how far out they are booking and the average grooming fee for the area. That would give you a good starting point.
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      Thanks for your response, I did the same thing and googled the heck out of the city. Found 10 groomers in the city. I realize that housing is extremely expensive, however we may be able to get a break where he is being recruited to work there. There's also a signing bonus which could be a possible down payment. I'll definitely be calling some of the shops out there when I have some more information about the job he's applying for.


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        I live in Edmonton, but Fort Mac is a nice place. Considering that there is tons of work there, there should be tons of people with dogs needing grooming.

        If you need a partner, let me know. Im itching to move.