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  • Returning to Canada

    Hi all I am a groomer of 25 years experience who has resided in the USA for the last 30 years. I have spent quite a few years trying to convince my spouse to move to my homeland and I think I have finally convinced him. Would like more information as to the demand for groomers and whether the feasability of a traveling trainer program would be welcomed. We would be locating to Ontario, possibly the Kawartha Lakes region. I love to teach grooming having worked at a school in the 90's and having trained groomers on the side several times over the years. I have always enjoyed creative grooming and used to groom several show dogs in the 90's. I have a Std Poodle (down from 2) and he is usually a brilliant shade of colour! Are there a lot of groomers looking for training? I appreciate any posts!

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    Hi HOTW,

    Congrats on swaying hubby to come on over the border. The Kawartha Lakes area is so pretty. Sorry to say I can't speak to the need for Groomers in that area. I imagine there would be a demand for lessons/lectures in that area and further east, as most shows are in Oakville, Toronto and Kitchener. May I suggest you contact the ODGA (Ont. Dog Groomers Assoc.) Their site is: Also, maybe talk to the people at The Pet Supply House and Ren's Pets Centre. These three groups sponsor the conferences and may be willing to sponsor you to give lectures/demos.

    Good luck and keep us updated.
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      I am in Ontario....not near Kawartha though....I know in my area people are definately looking for trainers....i have had a few people call me over the years asking if i could train them or if i know of any schools nearby.


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        Thx for the info Cat. I am looking more to share my knowledge rather than do FT grooming. I will investigate those places. I was thinking of more of a consulting type job. Everytime I go to a seminar I see so many groomers wanting to know more about simple basics rather than competition styling. So many need to learn speed and nicer styles that it really bothers me. I'd also like to learn more about what types of semnars are in Canada.


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          Hi HOTW! I think you've got a good idea there. And you'd be close enough to Toronto which would be a huge market. I think Nancy Bryson of ODGA offers something similar. Grooming schools are few and far between as far as I know. I'm in Ottawa, and there is nothing here. Algonquin college offered a "Groomer's Assistant" course that I heard cost $5,000!!! This without even picking up clippers or a scissor!

          Good luck on your move and your business idea!!


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            Hi flyingfur

            my brother lives in Ottawa my mum was just there over Christmas. I am hoping to put my biz up for sale in th espring after I do a few improvments. As we get closer to our goal I'll be looking into th elaws and such but so far what I havbe read seem pretty good about setting up a biz there.


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              if you're looking around at houses, this link might on the map in the upper right, zoom in on the area you want and enter your prices, etc,

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