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  • Used Equipment/New Equipment

    I am a new groomer starting out and was wondering what places you would reccomend ordering from? I am also looking for used equitment as well.


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    try looking on Ebay underpet supplies and you can narrow it down from there. I buy a lot of stuff off there


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      Craigslist is also a great place to watch for local equipment that pops up.


      • #4 and select Used Products.

        Have you seen one of the ads placed recently, like real recent with excellent used prices.
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          used equipment / new

          I buy my blades from Pet Edge, the oster blades and andus blades are not to expensive and i have always had luck with them.

          I bought all used equipment from the news paper adds, and some from the neighbor that was going out of business.

          If you buy over ebay, and cannot see the stuff inperson, be careful that you dont get ripped off.


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            What about wholesale

            It would be nice to share about places where you won't get charged an arm and a leg for s&h, duty etc. I do know of 2 wholesale places in canada, one of which you need a business licence and one which you don't (which is good for me right now) but do any of you know of more? Wholesale is half the cost of retail, sometimes even less, so to me I'd rather do that than shop for used stuff. Other than these wholesale places, there are sometimes products mentioned on this site that i'd like to order but price-comparisons on the internet are like looking for a needle in the haystack. plus once i've decided to order the one product, i like to add on and buy more things i'll be needing because that saves on s&h in the long run. Here are the 2 places I know of, does anyone else know where you can order wholesale from? Even US places that aren't too far and have good brands and prices would be good to recommend. Thanks Happy new years

            pet supply house - ontario
            showline distributing - alberta


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              Ren's pets in ontario
              k9 grooming supplies in ontario

              Doug at k9 is a super great guy to deal with, and deals in "higher" end products.


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                Equipment and such

                King Wholesale in the US has great prices and our Canadian dollar is up.